IMATS 2012 Sydney Haulage!

Holy belated post Batman!
So I totally hit up IMATS again this year, just like I have done the previous 2 years. Overall I had a wonderful day, hanging out with fellow bloggers, indulging in the thing that brought us all together in the first place MAKEUP!
However this year it seemed smaller then last year and possibly even the year before that. Some of the exhibitors that were listed on the website and one even in the program weren’t there, both were ones I was looking forward to seeing so that was a bit disappointing. Crossing fingers they get a few more exhibitors next year because for a $40/day ticket it was a bit of a rip off in my opinion.
Onto the hauling! I didn’t buy too much this year. I usually go mad for things I don’t really need and while I did get pretty much that, there are a few new brands I bought to try out.
Red Cherry Lashes – 6 for $25 & Clear Duo Glue $7 – Lashes are my frenemy, love them to death but can’t apply them for shit! So bought these in hopes that maybe I can rectify that situation so we become total besties!
Girlee Cosmetics 4 Pan Palette – $25 – Last year was the year of Inglot shadows, this year for me it’s Girlee… (terrible name) These little pans are so pigmented and soft and just ahhh! Of course I went with neutral shades as usual. Maybe next year i’ll be a little more adventurous and try something called colour. 
Something free from Ben Nye – FREE! Got this after I was literally attacked with products from the Ben Nye stand from an overly enthusiastic exhibitor. I do need to learn to say “Please don’t put your shit on my hand’s so I can look at pretty things, kthxbai”. This is a shiny silvery pigment, not sure if i’ll ever use it but it might work as a rad inner corner highlight.
OCC Lip Tar in Queen – $15 – It’s pretty mandatory that I buy an OCC Lip Tar every IMATS, This year my choice was Queen. An obnoxious bright watermelon pink, it was love at first swatch! Check out XSparkage for a good swatch of this, my camera didn’t capture it very well at all.
Smashbox Sheer Focus Tinted Moisturiser – $15 – B-to-the-argain of the day! This retails for $43.95 at Kit Cosmetics. I’ve been wearing this on the weekends when I want a little bit of coverage but still want my skin to breath, it’s really nice! I may even pay full price for a bottle of this.
That was the damage, not too bad if I do say so myself! I’m looking forward to trying out the Girlee Cosmetics eyeshadows and will be sure to do a FOTD with them soon. See below for close ups of the colours (and the colour names etc) and swatches of all the colour products I purchased.
Colours from Top Left to Right Bottom – B44 Acorn Matte, B96 Pewter, B37 Antique Gold, B88 Gilded

Swatched in the same order, with OCC Lip Tar in Queen
Did you go to IMATS? What did you buy?

  • I bought some Girlee cosmetics and I agree, they are lovely! I bought some Red Cherry’s as well, happy to have been able to flick through the styles as I’d previously only seen them online.

  • So many lashes!! Love the Red Cherry brand – very glam ♥

  • Your haul was awesome Emma 🙂 Hope you come again next year!

  • Very excited to try them out, i’m a total Noob when it comes to lashes!

  • Kimberley

    Oooh I want the Girlee shades, they look really soft! I have no idea why we love neutral shades as much as we do..

  • I wish I had the “OMG BRIGHTS” gene, but i’m such a neutral girl 🙂

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