Links & Loves #2

This week has been a complete write off in ye olde blog world, I had grand plans last weekend to get a few videos done and a couple of lip swatches. That was until an alien decided to come and plant itself right on my face under my lip. I thought the offender was a cold sore I never get them, but the fiancee does and he assured me it wasn’t. It was a big ass nasty pimple and it hurt like hell! 
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I honestly didn’t plan to pop it but it kind of just happened, and then the sucker came back! WHAAAAAAAT! It’s now only just going away… a week later.
So anyway in lieu of any real posts this week I thought i’d do another installment to my links & loves posts.

– Lilit from Makeup & Macaroons gives her 5 tips on wearing bright lipstick – this girl rocks the bright lipstick so it’s a great guide!
– Celina from Fables in Fashion wrote this amazing post about Filming Tutorials & Taking Self Portraits it has so much useful information it’ll be forever bookmarked on my computer! She has also done this amazing Zombie look for the Book of Fables… LOOOOOOVE!
– Emma from Emma Bovary Beauty has been haulin’ Illamasqua and her post on the Complement Palette may have created a new lemming for me!
– Chelle from Cosmetic Cupcake does an amaaaaaaazing macaron manicure for Adriano Zumbo’s Zumbaron day – guess who lined up at 7.30am in the morning for macarons with her? Me! 
– Reese from Reese Atomic has done what I wish I could do and dyed her hair pink! Go have a look, it looks rad!
– I’m easily enabled and Jess from The Belle Lumiere has not helped the situation with her must have Etsy store picks!
– Stef from Girl 3000 has written an inspiring post on the 100 things she has learnt about being healthy, this is a must read if you are lacking in motivation at all!
An amazing new blog started up this month! If you’re interested in Gardening and growing your own vegetables check out The Green Thumbed Gnome – I may or may not know the writer of this blog 😉
Tonight i’ve been on trawling tumblr for the past few hours. I’ve had some good and bad results form it, here’s what i’ve found that I liked!
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I hope everyone has a great weekend, and if this bloody pimple clears i’ll be busy doing videos and swatches… wah-hoooooooooo