Product Review – Mirenesse Vibralash

A few months ago all the drug store brands seemed to be coming out with their version of the “vibrating mascara” to be honest, the whole concept kinda freaks me out.
However curiosity got the better of me when I found one of these very “vibrating” mascaras in my stash of “need to use, review or give to family” things. This is one of the items I received at the Australian Beauty Blogger weekend last year (yep still going through that stuff).
This particular mascara is called the Vibralash and it’s by the brand Mirenesse. I’d first heard of Mirenesse years and years ago on TVSN (shameful secret, I love watching the home shopping channel). For years their Secret Weapon Mascara (RRP $39.95AUD) was considered an holy grail item by a lot of industry professionals, I have tried it and it is quite good however I still prefer my Maybelline Colossal Volume or Covergirl Lash Blast.
Basically, my current mascara has run out so i’m “shopping my stash” and decided to give this a go. The concept is there are 3 speeds, i’m not entirely sure what that means but I did a little experiment and did a coat of mascara on each of the speeds to see if there is a difference.
Beware.. creepy eye photos to follow! Does anyone else find looking at pictures of their own eyes on the screen weird?
Here are my eyes with no mascara
And now with one coat of mascara, with no speed and the 3 speeds to see a difference.
Some idiot couldn’t count and had to add the numbers over the previously WRONG numbers.
From the pictures above it looks to me there is a difference in volume between no speed and speed 1, but there is really no difference between speeds 1,2 or 3. It’s also worth mentioning having the vibration feels WEIRD! Particularly on the highest speed, I couldn’t handle it to be honest and rushed to get it on so I could get it off my lashes ASAP. Did not like.
I also used this mascara last night and did 2 coats (my usual coating of mascara is 2) and it went to clump city so I removed it and put on another mascara. I guess that kind of sums up my feelings for it. Not a huge fan, length is good but theres not enough volume and when I try to get volume it clumps.
The other thing i’m really not a fan of… the price! This will set you back a costly $49.95AUD per tube. 
So a bit of a thumbs down for me, on the bright side you could always use the vibrating end for something else…… 

Product Disclosure – This product was gifted to me as part of the Australian Beauty Blogger Weekend in 2011. Honesty as always!