Manicure Monday – YouTube made me do it edition

I purchased this nail polish after seeing Vivianna Does Makeup feature it on her YouTube & Blog. 

I’d never tried any Rimmel polishes before so the formula’s are completely foreign to me! The Rimmel 60 Second Nail Polish RRP $7.95AUD boasts a quick dry time of 60 seconds which is a bit of a selling point for someone like me who paints their nails and can’t sit still long enough for them to dry.
Sun Downer is a red which leans very orange and I think it’s quite beautiful. Application… this is where it gets a little hairy. The first time I applied this I was about ready to throw it in the bin, to be fair to the polish I was applying it in low light and in a rush as usual. The formula is quite thin so when I first applied it I found it a streaky sheer mess (this is after 2 coats). I also don’t believe that it dried in 60 seconds…sorry!
However! With a little more patience when I did these swatch photos I made this work a little better for me. On close inspection there is still VNL (visible nail line) but it’s not too much of a bother for me. I also used my holy grail topcoat Seche Vite this time around and it made such a difference, smoothed and evened out the colour on the nail.
Something else I originally loathed but now kinda like is the large brush. You see I have small fingernails (I used to always get giggles from the girls in the nail salon when I had acrylics). So I find some big brushes a bit difficult to work with on my small nail beds. Again with a bit of time and care this worked out well and I only needed 1 swipe on my pinky nail (yep, they’re that small!)
I want to try out the other Rimmel London polish formulas because I have heard great things, if you have any rec’s of colours i’d love to know!

  • I love these Rimmel 60 second polishes!! They’re what got me started wearing bright colours many moons ago. Sucks to hear that the Sundowner formula was no good though. Maybe they’ve changed the formula recently.. I highly recommend Double Decker Red though – it’s a really opaque blue based red and it dries really quickly! It’s one of my fave reds =D

  • I think it was more my application of it then the actual polish 🙂 I’ll have to check out Double Decker Red!! 🙂

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