The Week That Was… #5

5 is my favourite number, fun fact!

– Making my awesome mushroom sauce to chuck on some Chicken. Soooo good. Does anyone else find cutting mushrooms therapeutic? 
– Painting mah nails and blogging, that’s what bloggers do right? 
– LOL! no words needed.
– I attended a Lush bloggers event on Wednesday, standing next to these soaps and later right next to Godmother soap (Snow Fairy scented!) made it very hard to concentrate but we learnt about the brand and their top selling products. I’m currently on a Lush Lovin’ train and don’t wanna get off!
– Mixing bath bombs like a cocktail, fun way to use up products 
Doin’ The Dip with my gal pals after the blogger event, okay so this was the Ribwich and was the best thing i’ve eaten in a long time…
– Lush Angels on Bare Skin, lucky enough to receive a new tub of this at the Lush event being an old favourite of mine I was stoked to bust it out and slap it on the face when I got home.
– Rimmel 60 Second Nail Polish in Sundowner – beautiful colour but I had a few issues with application… review to come!
– Friday Night Caramel Macchiato with friends, when the question after dinner is Starbucks? my answer is always a huge… YES!
– Another round of Mini Golf on saturday night, we are currently doing a mini golf tour of Sydney it seems.. any recommendations for courses? 
– Sometimes i’m a mean mama
– Then I wear a jumper showing my love for my dog, only fair I show this one since I shared the pug one last week. Speaking of the pug she hasn’t been featuring in photos as much because it’s been too dark and she doesn’t do well in low light situations.
On The Blog

Not a lot of posting went down this week, I am currently uploading a new video but bloody hell YouTube is so slow!
Manicure Monday with Nude & Bronze – I loved this manicure, i’m having quite a moment with nudes and glitter gradients. Nice way to keep it work appropriate and have a bit of a sparkle.
April 2013 Favourites – Simply put, the things I loved in April.
Random Thoughts

– It’s mothers day today, so big Happy Mothers Day out there to all the mums, and especially my mum who is completely 100% awesome! Mum and I spent the day laying around in my lounge room watching Arrow, this photo should get you interested.
– Cadbury Marvellous Creations have 2 new flavours out and I feel like this should be a public announcement.
– PMS sucks
RSPCA Million Paws Walk is on next weekend, if you have a pooch or are interested in just going along (I think you can walk an RSPCA pooch if you don’t have your own) it’s a fun day out 
– The Vampire Diaries finale was on this week, I was underwhelmed, the death was sort of meh in my opinion because I don’t think it will really end up as a permanent thing. I don’t want to say to much if people haven’t watched it…. Looking forward to Pretty Little Liars return though!
– I want a light blue blazer like the one here on Buy Now, Blog Later
– I loved this post by Zoe Foster on how to pronounce beauty brand names – so helpful!
Let me leave you with this gem that Jess from The Belle Lumiere posted on her blog earlier and I was in stitches watching this.