The Week That Was… #7

This week has been pretty uneventful, as you’ll see with my pretty dismal Instagram pictures this week. Work has started getting hectic which means I have no energy to do anything. Hoping everything calms down a bit this week. Let’s get into it!

– Finally passed level 97 on Candy Crush saga! This was killllling me!
– Waiting for someone to let me in the office because i forgot my keys.. thank goodness for coffee.
– S’s cricket presentation night was Friday night. Merv Hughes was the guest speaker, not being a cricket fan I got none of the jokes except ones about Shane Warne.
-My monogrammed “A” Peter Alexander PJ’s. Love these!
– Got my car washed in one of those touchless car wash things… It did a shit job and was a waste of money. Next time i’ll just pay more for a hand car wash.
– Sushi Sunday! This is becoming a ritual for me on Sundays. Not an overly healthy ritual either.
On The Blog
Manicure Monday – This is the YouTube made me do it edition featuring Rimmel Sundowner which I absolutely adore the shade of.
Sukin Purifying Masque – Loving Sukin & loving this mask!
Organizing my Makeup Space – If you enjoy a peek at organization, check this one out.
Random Thoughts
The Chemist Warehouse 1/2 price on cosmetics is running until 30th May! Jump on it quick, I went today and bought a couple of things which I filmed in a short haul video 🙂
– So it’s official i’ve become a Blockhead.. I started watching it last Monday and now am ready every night at 7 O’Block (haha lamest thing ever!) to watch.
– I want to try and start going to the gym in the mornings before work, I’m not a morning person so i’m not sure if this will happen or not. I appreciate my sleep so so much.
I’m currently obsessed with Caroline Hirons blog, Whenever I read it I extend my skincare wishlist a little everytime. The cheat sheets are absolute gold and the internet better not ever ever lose them.
I also found Sprinkle Bakes blog from a tweet by Mez from Blithely Unaware this week. This blog is so so beautiful and the food looks amazing. I want to try the cinnamon scrolls ASAP!
I’m watching Absolutely Fabulous at the moment, love this show so goddamn much and have seen every episode multiple times.
Source – Tumblr