Blush Loving with Essence Home Sweet Home Collection

This post is a bit late going up and I know this collection’s stocks are starting to dwindle in stores, but if your lucky enough to find a fully stocked Target; I highly suggest checking out the blush shades in the Essence Home Sweet Home collection.

It’s no secret I’m a big fan of anything corally-pink toned on my cheeks so when I saw the Essence Home Sweet Home collection blush in the shade 02 Wool-d You Cuddle Me? (cute name, tick!) I had to pick it up. My initial thought was that it may just be a great dupe for one of my favourite limited edition blushes MAC Ripe Peach (old review with terrible photos). I didn’t do a comparison and I really should have but this is a lot more matte then Ripe Peach so I don’t really think it is a contender, soz folks.

The best thing about Essence is the price of the items, yes the quality may be hit and miss and personally I find this blush a little on the chalky side but for around a fiver… I couldn’t really give a toss. The pigmentation is there and the colour is gorgeous. Side note, how cute is the little “knitted” embossing on the pan? For a cheaper brand they really do put thought into the look of their collections. 

I have also since picked up (or actually Chelle kindly found it for me!) the pink toned version named 01 Knits for Chicks (okay don’t like this name as much…). I haven’t actually opened this to have a play with but I will likely put it into next months Makeup Edit so it can get a little lurve.

If you can find this well lucky you! Your best bet is Target as I believe Priceline didn’t stock this particular collection.