The Week That Was… #10

I’ve been so slack, I know. The past week was the last week of the financial year at work and for me, that equals madness. I’ve just not felt motivated to even think about blogging. Now that’s all done and dusted hopefully I have a little more brain space to dedicate to my blog, because I do love it! Anyway onto the week (or 2 weeks…)

– Fluro pink jumper and a bright pink lip heading out to see World War Z. I enjoyed the movie!
– Preparing dinner and watching YouTube, i’ve never done this before and think it might be a new “thing” of mine.
– Clean Salmon Patties! Healthy and yummy! 
– My Picture Polish order, including the collaboration with my girl Chelle from Cosmetic Cupcake called Frosting. I should have a swatch of this on here tomorrow (if I manage not to chip it…pressure’s on!).
– Small haul before I saw Denise Scott & Judith Lucy’s stand up show. Some new Nespresso pods, a descaler (which is what my Friday night consisted of… Crazy time here!) & the product i’ve been lusting after Hydraluron! I’m not going to comment yet, I want to use it for a while longer before I review.
– I bought my lunch at work on Friday, which is something I haven’t been doing and this is what I ended up with but secretly I wanted hot chips. 
– This morning (Sunday) I went for brunch with Chelle & Ange, as usual lots of laughs, a bit of shopping and a really fun day!
– On our shopping expedition (haul video coming soon!). We spotted the new Maybelline Color Whispers and I swatched all the ones that appealed to me… which was most of them. lol. We didn’t buy any because we are waiting for sales. Never settle for full price people!
– I also picked up a lippie i’ve been lusting after and is discontinued! I was almost going to buy this on Ebay but found it even cheaper at this little stall in the middle of the shopping centre. Score!.
On The Blog

Super slack this week, so i’ll recap the last 2 weeks!
Manicure Monday – Illamasqua Seance – This is a UV polish and the colour is amazing! From the new Paranormal collection.
The Makeup Edit – June 2013 – What i’ll be slapping on my face for the next month. Makeup edits are updated mid-month.
Blush – Essence Wool’d You Cuddle Me? – Goooooorgeous peach blush from the Essence collection Home Sweet Home. So cheap and a beautiful colour.
Random Thoughts
– I think I mentioned in my last TWTW that I was embarking on a 12 week challenge. I’ve been doing well! I’ve had a few slip ups but hey i’m only human. My overall diet has been much much better. I didn’t get to the gym much last week but hopefully I can make up for that this week. My first lot of measurements are in just over a week so I will update how I go there! 
– The rain… So much rain… I mean it’s great for the farmers etc but I haven’t been able to wash my clothes and dry them in 2 weeks. When we do get a nice day, i’m at work. Ugh!
– Instagram added video this week, expect lots of pooch videos from me 🙂 Speaking of my dogs.. They are bloody adorable and always make my day better! 
Last but not least, I wrote about this awhile ago but as of I believe today or tomorrow. Google Reader & Google Friend Connect will be no more. If you haven’t already i’d love if you would follow my blog on Bloglovin. If you’re after a good blog reader Bloglovin’ is the one I use!

Hope everyone has a good week! <3

Here’s a song i’ve been liking lately, it’s pop perfection 🙂