The Week That Was #11…

Wow it’s been awhile in between drinks. A lot has been going on the past few weeks and the need to blog has been put on the backburner in favour of much more important things. I’m not making promises as the next few months are going to be all over the place for me but I will try and update as much as possible. I may talk about what’s going on later, but for now i’d rather keep it private.

Noticed anything different? Well in my current mindset i’ve needed to get my mind off things and throwing myself into a project tends to help. Yep I could have just done some blogging but I wanted something to really occupy my mind and so I decided to switch to a self hosted wordpress blog from blogspot. I’ve done this before and said i’d never do it again…. Oops well i’m here. I enjoy trying to problem solve things but with this whole big change I came out pretty unscathed. There are still a few things that need to be done but overall i’m happy. I love the simplicity of this new layout and i’ll be adding/changing things as I go. For now it works and that’s enough for me!



  • New mint cardi from Target and it was an absolute steal for $13!
  • Wearing my new Rimmel Apocolips in Stellar
  • Groundhog day – driving to the hospital listening to All American Rejects
  • Costco giant trolley
  • Tonnes of samples to try at Costco
  • Swatching the new Australis lipsticks for the new “music themed” collection
  • Pho with Ange & Chelle
  • Minnie cuddling with Penny in my bed
  • Kisses with Penny Lane

On The Blog

No new posts but I did do my June Favourites on YouTube! I also filmed a haul video which I should have up sometime this week.

Random Thoughts

  • I’m trying to think of things and the pug won’t settle…ugh
  • The McDonalds Rocklea Rd shake is AMAZING. I know my diet is kind of slightly off track at the moment.
  • I ordered the Sloth Swim from BlackMilk.. I plan to wear it as a bodysuit. I may do an awkward OOTD.
  • I am so far behind on blog reading! I wanted to start linking to blog posts I love within this weekly round up so I need to get my ass into gear and catch up.
  • How sad is the news about Cory Monteith? Really shocking & so sad that he couldn’t overcome his problems.

My song pick for this week is an oldie but a goodie, I went nuts listening to this in the car the other day singing loudly… how much fun is that? lol.

  • That sloth suit is THE BOMB!
    To be honest I have stopped reading any blogs that don’t tweet stuff where I can see it 🙁 … lazy, but I despise most of the ways to read the blogs I love now that Google Reader has departed.
    Blog looks awesome by the way.
    So sad about the Glee kid, I heard they were getting married in just two weeks. I can only imagine the absolutely devastating effect the loss of his life is having on all.

    • Have you tried Bloglovin? I use it and it’s fab!

      • Yup, sadly was not for me. Have been giving feedly a go but hoping they fine tune it over upcoming months.