Was it worth the hype? My thoughts on Hydraluron


In short.. a big resounding YES! I promptly wrote about this being released on our shores when I saw the news on Instagram; and when I caught wind from around the interwebs that it had been spotted I ensured that I hit up a Priceline that night (and luckily the one I did, had it!).

If you haven’t heard of Hydraluron it’s a serum that contains Hyaluronic Acid which goes beneath the skins surface to hydrate the skin. I think to read up on it properly you should read this post by the skincare queen Caroline Hirons (I know, I know i mention her a lot).

I’ve been using Hydraluron as part of my skincare routine for over a month now. The directions say to use it twice a day and I may possibly amp that up soon but for the moment i’ve just been using it as part of my morning routine. I apply it before my moisturiser and since using it have noticed a huge difference in how my makeup applies when I wear it. Previously I had major dry patches on my nose and cheeks and my foundation would often turn “scaley” (eww) around these areas but using the Hydraluron has helped a lot.

Hydraluron is available to purchase at Priceline for RRP $34.99AUD and comes in a 30ml bottle. I have a feeling this could get the coveted “Holy Grail” status from me… yep I said it!

Have you tried Hydraluron? Was it worth the hype for you?

  • Oh yay I’m so glad you posted this! I just picked up a tube for myself literally a few hours ago 😀

  • MissRachii

    Oh I thought I was going crazy when I started using this and my dry patches were disappearing when I was applying foundation! Glad it’s not just me! 🙂 Love this stuff.

    • Its AMAZING stuff isn’t it? I’m finding my skin is improving and looking better each day… I don’t think I could ever stop using this stuff 🙂

  • Chels @ COABA

    I’ll be honest, it hasn’t blown me away. BUT I didn’t have dry patches before, either.