The Birthday Lip


This past weekend I celebrated my birthday (woo!) and a tradition that I started a few years ago was buying myself a new MAC lipstick to wear on my birthday. I think this started when I was in a MAC love phase but now I find the cheaper brands just as good, if not better. However, I’ve still kept the tradition going though because it’s something I can look forward to planning for on the lead up to my birthday.

So when I perused my local MAC on Saturday I saw they had a tester of Impassioned (This has been on my wishlist FOREVER and I can never find it!). Anyway I asked for it, they searched and it was out of stock (boo 🙁 ). Without hesitation I asked if they had Ruby Woo, it has also been on my wish list and the fact it’s a matte shade (and I’m loving matte’s at the moment) it was always going to be my 2nd choice.

I get home with my new purchase and get ready to go out for the night, upon first swipe I knew this is the perfect red for me and a shade I think could possibly even become my “signature” shade (big call!). It was love. The formula is amazing, it’s a non drying matte. The staying power trumps and the colour is just beautiful.  I can’t say enough good things!

  • Belowen

    Happy Birthday! Ruby Woo is my all time favourite red. So gorgeous!

  • kimberley

    I love Ruby Woo! I need to pull this one out more, it is so pretty and it looks great on you!