Oh My! It’s Ulta3’s Glitterati Collection!

ulta3glamourshimmerUlta3, if you’re an Aussie and love nails I could pretty much bet on the fact you’ve heard of this little gem of a nail polish brand. Affordable ($2 each!), and pretty widely accessible (pharmacies, supermarkets, target the list goes on). PLUS they release new collections frequently that are on trend!

I was lucky enough to receive the recent “Glitterati” collection and while this was released awhile ago now, I’m pretty sure you will find these polishes still lurking in your local Ulta3 bins.. DIG DEEP GIRLS, DIG DEEP!.

This collection features 11 new shades, above we are focusing on the “shimmers”. Stand outs for me are definitely “xoxo” which I used in a recent Manicure Monday post.. my swatch photo does not give this shade justice at all, it has a fine silver shimmer that you could put over any creme shade to make sparkly! Another shade that my shitty photography didn’t pick up the awesome on is “Triple Threat”BLACK HOLO!  I never thought i’d see a holo in the Ulta3 range and this is all sorts of rainbowey, sparkley goodness. The bluey/green sparkle of “Infamous” also needs to be mentioned, it’s quite unique and extremely pretty. I think you could give “Glamourpuss” a miss from this range, it’s not terribly unique and i’m pretty sure it’s quite similar to another silver in the Ulta3 range.


Of course my favourite thing about this collection is that it features 5 new glitters! Most noteable is the extremely on trend “Stop The Press” featuring black and white glitters…Fancy. I pretty much immediately brushed this onto my digits as soon as it was in my hands, It was also featured in a Manicure Monday recently. I also think “Outasight” is an interesting one to have, it’s a plain black glitter that I could see as being really versatile with so many colours. The other glitters are all pretty but I’d have to say my pick of the bunch here is definitely “A Lister”. I can see myself using all of these shades for glitter gradient mani’s in the future (I love a good glitter gradient!).

*These polishes were provided for my consideration, please read my disclosure policy for further information.

  • The black one looks great 🙂

    • I can’t wait to try it in a look, I just haven’t figured what colour would work best a base yet 🙂

  • Thanks for the review, I’ve always been curious. I wrongly thought they looked a bit dodgy instore without testing them!

  • Chloe Sage

    how long ago did you buy these ive been looking for them but cant see to find stop the press and gosspip and i would love XOXO thanks 🙂

    • Hi Chloe, I was sent these by a PR company… but I’ve also been trying to find them instore and have had trouble! Keep digging through those Ulta3 bins and you might get lucky one day 🙂 *crossing fingers for you*

      • Chloe Sage

        thanks for replying i will continue to dig thru and hoepfully *fingers crossed* i will find them