Hello 2014!


So here we are in 2014! I thought i’d do this little post to tell you all some goals I have for myself and this blog/youtube this year. I don’t believe in resolutions but I do believe in setting yourself goals to achieve something.

Guess what? I’ve already actually completed 1 of the goals! 6 days in!

I don’t normally get into my very personal stuff but 2013 was a difficult one for me. I had a lot to deal with in the 2nd half of the year when my world got turned upside down when we found out my mum was sick. She is slowly on the mend now and i’m hoping 2014 brings us some luck on that front.

One thing I learnt is how important friends are and how just being around my friends who are all positive souls just made me feel better, even if I was in a shitty place and they didn’t know being around them just helped. If they are reading this i’m sure they know who they are.

Something else I discovered in 2013, my love of Sloths… yes a weird thing to mention but i’ve become that girl who always gets tagged in Sloth meme’s on Facebook, and i’m okay with that. My current lifetime goal is now to get myself to Costa Rica and visit the The Sloth Sanctuary (not going to lie, I’ve even checked out flights).

So what does 2014 bring? Like I said before I hate resolutions, I always give myself little goals instead. One year my goal was to discover a new band/musical artist each week and broaden my already pretty full music collection. That was a fun year 🙂

I may as well start with the one i’ve completed. I gave myself a goal of finally getting all the washing in the house up to date. Yes, i’m a lazy ass when it comes to my washing and will leave stuff for ages that I don’t need to wear etc. My 3 full washing hampers are now clear of clothes and I have a full wardrobe & linen press again. I also did a wardrobe clear out and had 2 bags of clothes binned and a huge bag ready to go to the Salvo’s. My plan now is to keep this up and never put the washed clothes on the bed in the spare bedroom…they never get put away that way.

I want to take more photos. I have this new fancy camera I bought and all I use it for is photos for the blog. I want to go out and see more things and photograph them. See the fireworks in the picture? That’s one I took when playing around with the settings while watching the NYE fireworks. Which leads me onto learning more about my camera and the manual functions, lenses and just generally what I can do with it. I’ve finally taken it off “auto” so i’m partially there :).

I’d love to be more active on my blog and YouTube, even with some sort of schedule but I struggle to post things/make videos when my heart isn’t in it. I’ll try and remedy this a bit and I feel like i’ve got the bug back.

Thanks for reading, if you made it this far! I’d love to know if you have any goals for 2014… or new lifetime goals like mine 🙂



  • Two Pretty Birds

    That’s an awesome pic of the fireworks, I also have a new camera which I’m keen to make more use of, just need to get used to lugging it around with me!

  • I have so many goals for both 2014 and my bucket list has been added to as well, it is so nice to have so many things to look forward to.

  • ange d

    your sloths, im owls 🙂 weird animals must run in the family. oh and i also put clean clothes on the spare bed too. but determined not to do it anymore.