Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette & How to buy in Australia

I now have the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette in my hands, and can I just say the hype is worth it.

If you are a previous owner of the other 2 Urban Decay Naked offerings (I don’t really bunch “Basics” in with these) then you will find an additional 12 unique shades to play with in this palette.

I’m not going to go into shade descriptions and all that jazz, you can read about eleven billion other blogs doing that.

I’ve used mine a couple of times now and have loved the outcome. So far my favourite shade of the bunch is Factory and my least favourite is Dust, however I found it’s a great shade to use to layer over other shadows for a bit of sparkle. I also love the 3 matte shades included and find they are totally unique to my collection (in particular Limit & Nooner).

I’m a fan of the packaging, I love the rose gold look to it and the fact that it is nice and sturdy and the brush included is actually of decent quality (unlike most brushes included in palettes which tend to make their way to my bin).

This is a look I did recently using the Naked 3, I can’t remember what shades I used and think I just kept adding to it to get a good try of a few shades. I think these shades work really well with my eye colour!

Now, how can you buy this if you are in Australia? I have a couple of options for you!

Look Fantastic – This is where I pre-ordered my UD Naked 3 palette. This was the first time I had used this site but reviews were great so I jumped in and ordered it. Product arrived approximately a week after they notified me it had been shipped, it turned up on my doorstep packaged well and I have no complaints! I keep getting discount emails from this site (like daily, which can be annoying) but I think I will keep them in mind for my future UD purchases, particularly if I can get a discount! Also shipping is free, always a major plus. (Note: This is currently sold out on the site, however you can put your name down to be notified when it is in stock).

Beauty Bay – They have been stocking this on and off (when it’s on the site) Unlike Look Fantastic you can’t put your name down to be notified when it’s back in stock (well not that I could find anyway). I’ve ordered from Beauty Bay multiple times and have never had an issue. Their customer service online is great and I love the fact they show the prices in $AUD. Again, free shipping! (Note: Currently not on the site, keep checking though it does make an appearance from time to time).

I’m looking forward to playing with this a bit more and seeing what looks I can create. Do you have the Naked 3? Do you love it?

  • Al

    Naked 3 is really sold out worldwide I think. I just got back from Europe and I couldn’t find it in stock anywhere, I visited every Sephora shop I could find too 🙁 it sounds great I really want it!

  • Steph

    Thank you so much for this! I’ve searched every where for some place that actually has an authentic one AND ships to Australia. I got it from BeautyBay, they have some in stock at the moment. Now, just gotta wait for it to arrive. Much love!


    • Steph

      Still waiting…

      • Oh no! I just found out that feelunique are also stocking it and they have stock! With free shipping to Australia 🙂 I’ve never ordered from them but I know people who have and haven’t had any issues! Hope you get your mits on one soon 🙂

        • Steph

          Thank you Anita! I could swear I’d bought it but I emailed them and they said they don’t recognize my email.. so that’s a bit odd.. I’m going to have a look through a bank statement later to see if I did purchase it or not because I feel like I’m going crazy. I’ll have a look at feelunique. Thank you for your help! I’ve made sure to follow you on bloglovin and subscribe to your youtube channel! 🙂

          EDIT: feelunique doesn’t send UD to Australia. All good, I’ll look elsewhere. 🙂

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