New Videos

This post is a total cop out but basically to say i’m still around and still blogging… I’ve just been mega lazy. Seriously, I have pictures ready to go for posts but can’t be assed writing the words. Does anyone else ever get like this?

So to hopefully kickstart my blogging again I thought i’d post a couple of the videos i’ve put up recently on YouTube.

Battle of the cleansing waters! With the new rage in skincare being cleansing waters, I took 2 that are currently out on the market and put them head to head in a showdown.

Current/February Favourites – I’ve even been slacking on my favourites so did a round up of what has been tickling my fancy for the past few months. Some good new products in here!

Thanks for your patience if you’ve stuck by me on these little hiatus’s… I’m going to try and get back into the swing of things! Which is hard when Eleven is showing old episodes of Beverley Hills 90210 daily (Brenda & Dylan 4 life!).