Bath & Body Works Haul

For ages I have been lusting over the Bath & Body Works candles I constantly hear the US beauty girls talk about in their videos & when I saw Jade post on twitter about a local Australian online store selling Bath & Body Works goodies I couldn’t resist looking it up and putting a bit of an order together. Then my logical side came into play and reminded me that I have 2 very good Circa Home candles that I haven’t finished and I do not need anymore candles (also the fact my mum and I used to own an online candle store and I had an endless supply of candles…bit of a plug here, but were coming back!). So that would be the end of the story. However… I then saw Tina do an unboxing on YouTube and that was it, an order was made. The site i’m referring to is Bath Body & Home.

In my order I decided to get one of each size candle and a body wash (since I was running out of my current one… why not). Price wise these are pretty comparable to buying direct from Bath & Body Works, especially if you factor in the cost of shipping (ouch!). The ordering process was smooth and my order arrived within 2 days of being placed and it was well packed (no breakages, yay!).

I have only started burning Island Margarita, the scent is amazing and the throw is good. It took a little while to get going and i’m not sure if that is because this is only a small candle. The others have only received the sniff test, and even before burning I think I want to buy a large size of Peach Bellini.

The Body Wash in Velvet Sugar is sweetness overload but for me that’s a good thing, the scent lingers on the skin after you get out of the shower and it doesn’t dry my skin out either.

Bit of a comparison – The largest size candle is the 3 wick 14oz and it is priced at $25.95, when you compare this to a Glasshouse candle which comes in at around 12oz and a price tag of $39.95… I know what I would be buying.


  • Krystina

    I’ve just placed an order. I do love my glasshouse candles, i love how i walk into a room and i can actually smell it, not like alot of other candles. Are the Bath and Body works candles similar to the glasshouse ones?

    • Yay! I hope you enjoy them 🙂 I’ve only burnt the small one and it didn’t leave a lingering scent quite like the glasshouse candles, but the big ones may be different. I’ll do a follow up when I’ve tried all the scents and sizes 🙂

      • Krystina

        I’m disappointed in the mini candle, couldn’t even smell it when it was burning. Please le me know how the bigger sizes go. I can see what all the hype is about to be honest 🙁

        • Krystina

          Ops I meant I can’t haha

          • Hi Krystina, I’m here with an update! Such a shame about your mini candle 🙁 Which scent was it? I’ve been burning my mid size candle in Peach Bellini this week and it definitely has a good scent throw, it takes awhile to get going so you do really need to burn it for a few hours but i’m happy with the scent of it 🙂 Not sure if they are worth the $$ yet & think I prefer the ones my mum and I make over them, honestly. I’ll see how the big one goes next! 🙂

  • Angie Harrington

    OMG I’ve missed your blog posts! I still have you saved in my bookmarks bar hoping you’ll upload a post and you have, YAY! I’m totally gonna have to place a Bath & Body Works order now xx

    • Thanks love!! I’ve been a bit slack on the posting front but have a bit of mojo back now… so let’s hope I can keep it going! Glad to see you posting again too 🙂