Random Rambles #1

I love reading these types of posts on other blogs and I used to do a similar version, so i’m bringing it back. This will just be random thoughts/ideas/loves etc posted whenever I feel like doing it basically.

* Last night we went back to our regular Wednesday night Trivia night after 2 weeks off… Well our run of coming 1st or 2nd has officially ended. We came last! WTF!

* I’m going on a big road trip in August with S and 2 of our friends, we’re going to be camping (in the back of the utes) the majority of the trip. I’m also considering vlogging the trip as well. I don’t know if anyone would be interested but I think it will be fun. We’re traveling around South Australia & Victoria for 2 weeks!

* I bought this coat on ASOS to try and keep me warm on said trip, I wanted something that will still do up when I wear stuff underneath (curse you boobs!). If it doesn’t work out it’s no biggie, The ASOS returns system is pretty awesome. The inside woolly lining comes out so i think that will be handy.

Image from ASOS.COM

* Next purchase – Thermals

* I’m finally in wedding planning mode again, I sort of stopped when my mum got sick and things were all up in the air knowing when her recovery would be etc. Now that she’s on the mend and she’s feeling much better and able to come and do things with me it’s all on again. First step was finally getting my engagement ring designed etc… IT’S DONE! (only 2 years later…) It’s actually on it’s way to me now. Since I ordered it from the US which is much cheaper, I’m hoping I got the sizing right. Expect lots of wedding updates in these random rambles in the future.

* Tetley steamed green tea with ginger is my life right now, it’s awesome.

* I had so many things in my mind that I was going to write here but they’ve escaped me.

* What kind of fuckery is this? I don’t think donuts/cronuts etc could ever be compared to an apple sliced in the shape of a donut with some nut butter… NOPE! Hey if I cut my pizza into the shape of a carrot stick will it be suddenly healthy?

* I am obsessed with Netflix & HuluPlus – I’m currently watching American Horror Story, Freaks and Geeks, Kitchen Nightmares and rewatching Kell On Earth.

Image taken from tumblr