Random Rambles #3

– I’m well and truly back from my 2 week roadtrip. For some reason my karma must be bad because since i’ve been back the following have happened – washing machine broken, front door deadlock broken & last night our hot water stopped being hot water. Ugh! I’ve sent an urgent message to our real estate agent so hoping all gets sorted soon. I need to wash my hair dammit!!!

I’ll be putting up some piccies from the roadtrip in a blog post soon, I gave my camera a bit of a workout (mostly on animals).

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– Purchased my weekend ticket for Soundwave 2015! Fall Out Boy are playing so it was a given I was going to go. Also looking forward to – New Found Glory, All Time Low, Soundgarden, Faith No More and others that have escaped my mind. Speaking of bands i’m seeing Taking Back Sunday & The Used on Saturday night! Love both these bands but not loving the new stuff… Hoping lots of old stuff is played!

– Hi Alex Turner.

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– Wedding stuff is progressing. All I had done before was the venue being booked. Now i’ve booked in my hairdresser (so happy about this, I’m not very trusting with my hair and my hairdresser is awesome… I was so nervous asking her but so glad she said yes!), Save The Dates are finished and on their way out to people, I have a few at home that i’m hand delivering to friends we see all the time etc. WEDDING SHOES! Yep I don’t have a dress or most of the other important things but I do have my wedding shoes, they are quite unconventional but if you know me they are kind of perfect 🙂

– After 2 weeks of eating baaaaaaad food, i’m really needing to up my game and get back onto healthy eating and gym going. Motivation is zero though.

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– I SAW SLOTHS! I’ll probably talk more about this on my roadtrip blog post but yes I saw the 2 sloths at Adelaide Zoo and this time they were a bit more in view then the last time.

– While I was away I got back into reading! I am on Goodreads if you want to add me. I’m trying to do a book challenge but now that i’m back in the real world i’m not doing so great on the reading front. I’m currently reading the latest Bridget Jones book (not loving it).

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– Tonight i’m seeing The Inbetweeners 2 movie… So excited! I’m ready for a big laugh 🙂

– Tomorrow i’m heading off to the International Spa & Beauty Expo! I’ll have a haul post or video (what’s a video? I haven’t done one in months!) up next week.

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