Random Rambles #4

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– Wow I actually forgot what WordPress looked like for a minute, and was glad I actually remembered my login details. I’ve been completely uninspired, exhausted and brain overloaded this past month and a bit. Hence the lack of posting. I’ve taken many a picture but not written the words to go with the pictures. I’ve done a couple of youtube vids, and have a couple stashed to be edited when I can find the time to sit and do it. I’m lucky that this blog for me is a hobby so I don’t feel too terrible when I let things slide like they have. I’ve gotten those few moments of clarity where i’m like YES I WANNA BLOG! Then I sit down to do it, or am about to and get distracted by other shiny things. I think these kind of posts are my best way of “starting again” and getting into the swing of things. I hope.

– Can you believe it’s almost Christmas? Actually just under a month now…Shit. I’m scaling back a bit on present buying this year, we are saving for the wedding and I tend to go overboard when it comes to buying gifts.

– Wedding talk… I’m happy to report we’ve organised a few more major things… celebrant, photographer, caterer (so excited about this), MY DRESS!. Now I just have to work on some of the smaller details. We’ve also started talking about planning the Honeymoon. So the plan is to go to the US but we are planning to do it a bit after the wedding so we can save some more $$, but we are thinking about doing a smaller scale mini-moon right after the wedding since I think we’ll both need a break. I want to go to the Gold Coast since it’s where we used to always holiday and we haven’t been in years. S wants to go to Tassie or South Australia since we went to both this year and had an awesome time at both places.

– The heat… I hate summer, yes i’ve said it. On Sunday it was the hottest day in November on record (I think) in Sydney. I sent the dogs up to my parents the day before since they live in the mountains and it seems to be quite a few degrees cooler. S and I went to the movies and saw Interstellar (longest movie available, thank you very much). I really enjoyed it and likened it to Inception in Space. If you have 3hrs to spare, go see it. I also saw The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 on Friday Night and I enjoyed it, I’ve heard it getting a bad rap but I didn’t see a problem with it?.

Also… THIS

You’d better believe i’ll be seeing this the week it comes out!

– Gym/Working Out… Yes i’ve been doing this! I started back at the gym 3 weeks ago and have been going on the regular. I started doing a program by Nia Shanks and i’m absolutely loving it, I’m certainly not anywhere near the strength I used to be but i’m working on it. I think i’ll do a post about this more in depth at a later date. I didn’t go last night though when I was supposed to because I had a headache from hell, you know the really throbbing ones? that, along with aunty flo coming to town was just balls. I actually felt bad about not going and doing my training session. I’m hoping this means i’m in that positive frame of mind about working out again. Still need to work on my food things but one thing at a time.

Source – Pinterest

– Tomorrow i’m trying my luck to get tickets to see Jimmy Brooks from Degrassi aka Drake!

– Sephora opens in Sydney next Friday, I was hoping to get the day off work so I could head there. Looks like this might not be happening now 🙁 (me getting the day off, Sephora is still opening…as far as I know!). If you go and I can’t please save me some stuff for Saturday morning 😛

I can’t think of anything else, so I’ll sign off now and hopefully I’ll have some normal blog posts up soon!


OMG I forgot to add something important. I’m completely and utterly addicted to the podcast Serial, I can’t really explain it but it’s basically the story of a murder that happened 15 years ago and the narrator is going through the evidence again and seeing if the person charged actually did it or not. I’ll link to it, trust me it’s addictive.