Blogmas Day 10 – Random Rambles #5

Source – Tumblr

This is such a cop out post but it’s late and i’m tired and not at all prepared for today’s Blogmas post, so i’m winging it with a random rambles.

– Tonight was Trivia Night (as every Wednesday is) and we won! wooo! go team!

– I picked up the Freddo Frog Advent calendar a few days ago, it’s my favourite one and it hasn’t been too bad having to catch up so I can open a chocolate every day 🙂

Lily Pebbles posted a recipe for a biscuit called Brookies which are a cross between a Brownie and a Cookie so i’ve been madly looking them up on Pinterest and think I know what I want to try baking next.

Source – Pinterest

– Buying tickets to Drake was a success! We got Row A in the first section of seating, I swear I am a champion at ticket buying sometimes. I’ll be having a very busy week that week of February with Drake, Shane’s Birthday and 2 days of Soundwave i’m pretty sure by March i’ll have lost my voice and need a holiday.

Source – Tumblr

– After my trivia teammates being shocked by the fact i’ve never watched Family Guy it’s just made it onto my Netflix list, but my current watching priority is American Horror Story: Coven.

– Still addicted to Serial and can’t believe there are only a few episodes to go, I am still on the fence about if he did it. I do still think Jay was more involved then he has let on.

– 15 Days til Christmas… WTF! I need to get my ass into gear and start doing some Christmas shopping. I hate the shops this time of year though, everyone is so grumpy and shitty. I try and do my shopping quite late at night or first thing in the morning when the general population isn’t around.

I think that’s all for now, sorry for this crappy post but i’m tired and didn’t want to flake on my post today. I should have something much more exciting for you to read tomorrow!