Blogmas Day 12 – My Spotify Christmas Playlist

Here’s a bit of a treat for you, this is the Christmas playlist i’ve been working on in Spotify… Be warned I do like some non conventional Christmas songs and some may need to be played away from children/grandma (unless she’s hard of hearing). It’s quite a mix of boy bands, punk, metal and a bit of Bublé (because who can resist a bit of Bublé at Christmas). FYI my actual favourite Christmas song of all time is Last Christmas by Wham 🙂

If you have Spotify feel free to follow my list, it’s what I’ll be listening to on the lead up to Christmas and maybe a modified version of it when we have family around :).

Let me know if you can think of any tracks I should add/would like. So far I have 40 tracks on this but i’m constantly adding more in the lead up to Christmas. I’m devo that the South Park Christmas album isn’t on Spotify because that’s always played at Christmas at my parents house.