Blogmas Day 14 – My Beauty Youtube Picks

Sorry that this Blogmas post is a bit late, yesterday we decided to start our Christmas shopping which basically took the whole day, we also bought a new Xbox which I spent most of the night setting up/playing/watching Netflix. You know how it is 🙂

For this post I thought i’d give a few shoutouts to my favourite YouTubers and a couple of reasons why you should watch/subscribe to them as well. You will notice I watch a lot of British youtubers, no idea why but they just seem to appeal to me.

ViviannaDoesMakeup – Anna is definitely my favourite blogger/youtuber. Her recommendations are always on point and for some reason whenever she wears a bold lip I immediately need the product she’s wearing. I am also hooked on her weekly vlogs! These are for sure a highlight of the week.

Lily Pebbles – I can’t mention Anna without mentioning Lily. Also another one of my must views. I love Lily’s style since it’s a bit more rocker chick and I like she’s not one of those overly bubbly/sickly sweet types. Another one who’s weekly vlogs I also look forward to and the fact she’s currently doing Vlogmas is keeping me entertained daily! This girl has some video editing skills as well, check out this latest one from her, Amazing

FleurDeForce – Another one whose vlogs I really enjoy, her and Mike are adorable in their huge country house with 3 dogs. Talk about jealous!

icovetthee – Alix is absolutely stunning and I have major skin envy everytime I watch her. Her reviews are thorough and she mixes it up with drugstore/high end products. For some reason I also find her voice soothing? Weird lol.

BatalashBeauty – Sam is absolutely stunning and I absolutely adore her looks she does, while they may not be totally what I would wear I still appreciate them. This tutorial really makes me want the Lime Crime Venus Palette…So badly!

Nicole Guerriero – Always a fun one to watch, she does great looks and rocks a bold lip like no other. I’m also loving her shorter hair at the moment!

BeautyBlogged – How could I make a list of Youtube picks without adding my friend Ange 🙂 I’m pretty sure I laugh out loud each time I watch her videos, her honesty about products is refreshing and she’s exactly like she is on her videos in person. Go subscribe now!

This is just a snippet of my favourite youtubers but a chance to maybe check some out that you haven’t before. If you have any recommendations leave them in the comments, or if you even have your own channel and i’ll be sure to check them out.