Blogmas Day 4 – Getting My Fit On

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I’ve done posts about my work at the gym before but this time it’s a fresh start. Basically I stopped going and stopped looking after myself because of personal reasons. I gained back all the weight I’d lost (and some…eeek) and lost all the muscle I gained. I’m approximately 6 months out from my wedding and something had to be done. For some reason, this time I have this new found motivation and have been killing it at the gym, So I thought i’d write down here what I’ve been doing plus a few goals I’d like to achieve over the next month or so since it’s so early in the month.

I’ve been focusing on the Train To Be Awesome program by Nia Shanks, I’m starting off with the Beginner version which runs for 8 weeks; her programs focus on more of the lifting side of fitness rather then cardio which I’m more then okay with. I’ve done lifting before but it suggests doing this if you haven’t picked up a bar in awhile (which I haven’t, except for my few flippant attempts at gym going over the past year…).

Something I’ve been doing is ticking off my workouts after I complete them, I keep this little board on my fridge which was previously used for my shopping lists. There are quite a few more ticks on this, I’ve just completed week 3!

So my routine consists of 3 workouts per week and a mandatory rest day in between each. On these rest days I can do some light cardio like walking and that’s something I’ll be adding into my goals because I do want to try and do a little more. Each workout starts with a warm up session that focuses on all body parts (and already gets my sweat on), following that is strength work either with the big boy barbell (2 of the workouts) or dumbells. Then there is an additional set of exercises that you swap between that focus on another muscle group and then finally you have either an ab exercise or a full body exercise to finish off. The aim is to increase your weight/reps each workout and so far I’ve been pretty consistant with doing this, except for this week because the gym was so busy I couldn’t get my hands on the weights I needed to increase my deadlift…ugh.

Source – Pinterest

Along with my little chart on the fridge I’ve also been using the Fitocracy app to log in my gym sessions, It’s really easy to use and you can see things like graphs on your lifts to show your progress. If you’d like to follow me you can add me Here.

So with working out pretty much under control, my main issue is food. I love it way to much! I would never work on one of those Paleo/Quit Sugar/Clean Eating type diets so for the moment i’m trying to make good choices as often as I can and still allowing myself to indulge in things I like as well. I should really tighten up the reigns on this one a bit but this is definitely a work in progress!

A couple of my current favourite “healthy” things to eat at the moment are this lunch i’ve been making at work – it’s healthy and cheap! I buy a packet of Kale Coleslaw mix from Coles, add in some microwaved brown rice with quinoa and add some chicken breast. Easy lunch!

This is just a new one for me this week, I love my Chobani yoghurts and try and have one in the afternoon if I know I’m going to be working out that night, but I also picked up this Superfood Trail Mix from Coles and have a handful of that as well, it has little pieces of dark chocolate so good for the 3.30 slump!

Now onto a couple of goals to achieve by next month –

– Continue with my workouts and continue crossing them off my board and logging them into fitocracy.

– Start adding in some walking to my routine, on my off days.

– Food. Make better choices! It’s hard this time of year but gotta try.

– Deadlift 60kgs for 6 reps

Wish me luck!