Blogmas Day 8 – Mister Gee Burger Truck

Yes I did do a post about getting healthy last week, but hey we all still deserve to treat ourselves! My absolute weakness is without a doubt burgers and when I heard of this little food truck that changed it’s burger weekly and only operated from Wednesday-Friday nights I knew I needed to try it, and on Friday night that I did.

With only 4 options on the menu it’s not too hard to decide what you’ll have at Mister Gee Burger Truck. This weeks burger was the Cheeseboogie which is a cheeseburger with a special sauce, american cheese, pickles and a delicious meat patty. However, my burger seemed to be missing the pickles (which was disappointing as I looooove pickles), Shane however let me take one of his off his burger and put it on mine <3.

We also decided to get the dirty fries, which are fries loaded with american cheese, salsa and the same special sauce that you’ll find on the Cheeseboogie. Delicious! I was however intrigued by the interesting salt they were putting on the regular fries and think I’ll give these a go if we go back.

I overheard some of the tables around us saying the Baklava Shake was amazing, so I decided to get one when we were leaving as my “dessert”. Once I got past having to chew theĀ little pieces of baklava blended into the shake it really was very very good, and if you’re a baklava fan a definite must try.

Now onto a little burger porn…ready?

Mister Gee Burger Truck is located at 55 Shaftsbury Road, Burwood (inside a car wash carpark) and operates from Wednesday to Friday from 7pm to 10pm (or sold out). You can check out their Facebook or Instagram for more details and details on the burger of the week.

If you are in Sydney, where is your favourite burger? I’m always on the lookout to try new ones!