Hi 2015!

Long time no post, let’s just start with the fact that I failed Blogmas… I made it with a week to go and then the whole Christmas spirit took over and I became extremely busy. I did really learn to think about content and stick to a schedule when I was doing that and I really want to try and do that this year, I’m pretty sure I say that every year in January but all I can do is try.

How was everyone’s Christmas? Mine was pretty quiet and relaxing which was nice. I spent the day with my parents and all our dogs sitting on the verandah of their home in the Blue Mountains just eating and colouring in (current thing I’m into). We then had a bigger Boxing Day with family coming over for dinner; I ended up sick with a stomach virus which sucked but meant I had a mega Gossip Girl marathon in bed.

New Years Eve was fun, we are totally into the whole low key NYE. We just spent some time with friends seeing the 9pm fireworks in Parramatta then heading home to see the NY in on telly.

Now i’m back at work, doing the stuff you tend to do in January (archiving, filing, tidying… getting papercuts from all of these jobs).

The most exciting news of all is that we have decided to delay our honeymoon a bit, we were planning on heading to the US around August this year. We have now decided to wait a little longer and spend NYE in NYC! (I am soooooo excited!). Yes I said before I’m into low key NYE’s but this is an exception :). So far the plan is NY, Washington DC, Chicago, San Francisco, LA, San Diego, Vegas… woah that’s a lot when I write it down! Shane and I are daily sending each other something new we want to see in one of the cities we are visiting, and I found out the other day that our LA leg could be worked into around the same time as IMATS LA…Holy shit! I’ll say it again, I’m so excited!

So that’s my update, we are hopefully back to normal programming around these parts. I do have some YouTube videos I need to film but i’m waiting for it not to be a million degrees (the lights I use are so hot and I look like a sweaty disco ball on hot days).

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