On The Nails: Australis Friend Like Me

Australis Nail Colour Friend Like MeI haven’t bought myself a nail polish in ages! I did a huge cull last year and then kind of got over buying all the new shades that came out. The other day Big W had a bit of a sale on Australis goodies and this nail polish shade just stood out to me. The shade is called Friend Like Me (awwwww!).

I thought it was part of a new collection but apparently it’s just one of their regular range, I actually showed my friend Ange and she said she had it and I had even commented on her nails awhile ago when she was wearing it. I call that subconscious purchasing.

The colour is stunning, a gorgeous pastel blue that has a hint of brightness to it.

Let’s talk application, wear and all the technical details you generally want in a nail polish review. Application was pretty good, this is a definite 2 coater though, one just doesn’t cut it. Wear for me has been good I applied this Sunday and today is Friday and it’s still on my nails, I have got a little bit of tip wear on my other hand but I think that is due to me being impatient and not waiting for my nails to fully dry before I went about my day. FYI – I use the Orly Bonder Base Coat & Seche Vite top coat for all of my nail polish applications.

I’m keen to check out the Autumn collection that Australis has recently released, it looks like there are some pretty colours in there. Uh oh… the nail polish obsession could be coming back.


  • Angela

    haha Love the subsconscious purchase! This polish is the best. One of my faves. <3