July Goals


Something new i’m going to add to the blog monthly are my goals for the month, what I would like to achieve and then a round up the following month to see if I achieved them. I’ve seen these posts on a lot of blogs I read and they are one of my favorite posts to read so I am hopping on the bandwagon.

I’m going to put my goals in the same 3 categories each month, these have been picked because my main goal is to grow my blog and learn more. I’ve been blogging for so many years and have been really stagnant in my growth. I’ve been reading a lot of inspiring blogs and listening to podcasts about blogging and they’ve really made me want to kick my own ass into gear. I’m implementing changes and have so far noticed a small difference, I also want to share my findings with everyone at some point when I try different strategies.



  • Get our passports in order – Shane and I are off on our proper honeymoon at the end of the year to the US of A and really need to get these done. July it will happen,
  • Organize my utensil drawers in my kitchen and get rid of things I have multiple of and don’t need.
  • Less takeaway, I was doing really well with this at the start of June but then work got busy (no excuse I know) and last week I pretty much got takeaway every night… eek! Back to the supermarket this weekend and planning out meals!


  • This post on The Nectar Collective really got me wanting to play around with photoshop and learn a bit more about photo editing. These couple of tips are going to be my starting point.


  • Consistency is key! This is what i’ve noticed and I need to keep it up, even if I sit down on a Sunday night and write out 3 posts to go up during the week. I need to get this happening.
  • Kind of related to above but I want to make sure I upload 1 YouTube video per week. I was initially aiming for Sunday nights but I generally film on a Sunday so it might not always happen so either Sunday or Monday I plan to have a video out each week.
  • More lifestyle posts, I claim in my title that this is a beauty and lifestyle blog but I’ve really let the lifestyle part of it down. Further to this I want to get at least 1 recipe post up this month, maybe 2…

That rounds out my goals for the month, I’ll be back in August to go back over these goals and let you know what I achieved, what I’m working on and what my next lot of goals are.

I’ll leave you with my life motto…. GET SHIT DONE!