Latest YouTube Videos

I usually post my videos on here as I publish them on YouTube but i’ve been a bit slack lately, so here’s a roundup of a few videos you might have missed.

Empties! – Everyone loves an empties video, here I go through a big bag of empty or old products that need to be binned. So satisfying 🙂

Blindfolded Makeup Challenge W/ Beauty Blogged – Oh my, Ange and I finally filmed a couple of videos together and the results were hilarious (well to us anyway). Check this out if you are in need of a good laugh. We have plans to film more videos together in the future because it was so fun. Any requests are welcome!

Beanboozled Challenge – This is on Ange’s channel, but I had to add it… I honestly was crying with tears from laughter when I was editing this one. So so funny!

Affordable Make Up Haul – I love filming haul videos, they are also my favourite to watch. This is some new stuff i’ve bought and a bit of a sneaky into what i’ll be reviewing on the blog soon. I think I’m a bit out of focus in this one, but it’s a haul so doesn’t really matter…right?. I also filmed the makeup look I did and was going to try and do a video with a voiceover, we will see if that see’s the light of day though.

Do you guys have any recommendations for videos I should be checking out, or even any requests for videos? I’m trying to film 2 each Sunday so I have a bit of a backlog in case I fall behind.