On The Nails: Rimmel 60 Seconds Rita Ora Nail Polish – Go Wild-Er-Ness


I picked this little gem up after I saw Bestival Blue on my girl Ange’s nails and needed it in my life, since it was 50% off Rimmel @ Priceline I felt it was my duty to pick up another colour and this is the shade I chose.

I only have a few of the Rimmel 60 Second Nail Polishes in my collection but I think I need to add more, not only do they bring out cool shades (like this beauty) but they are an absolute dream to apply, the brush is slightly bigger and flatter then a regular ol’ nail brush and it does the job quickly (especially on my freakishly small nails). Go Wild-Er-NessĀ is a 2 coat wonder, and the colour…wow. It’s a bright lilac shade that I think can be worn all year round, I mean see it paired with grey? Amazing!.

Wear time is also great, with my usual armour of Orly Bonder Base Coat and Seche Vite Top Coat I got a weeks wear with minimal tip wear. I actually am still wearing this shade 2 weeks later, let’s just say it’s not looking quite as good and i’m clearly very lazy this week.

There are actually a few other shades in this small Rita Ora collaboration collection that I wouldn’t mind picking up, so eyes peeled for more discounts! Although, full price these are a measly $5.95AUD. Get on it.