The Week That Was #12…


So I just looked when the last time I did one of these round up posts was…2 freakin years ago!

I’m planning on bringing these back, I personally love reading these type of posts from people to find out what they get about to in their day to day and see what’s going on with them.


  • Slow Sundays, red wine and a bit of Netflix is how I enjoy winding down.
  • On Wednesday I usually go to trivia but because of the State of Origin it was cancelled, so Ange and I did something we’ve been meaning to do forever, film videos together! We got 2 done with a plan to get some more out there. Our videos should both be out this week hopefully 🙂
  • My parents Beagle, I took my dogs up for a play with him and we took him and Penny Lane out to a local market, both of them were exhausted in the car on the way home.
  • Minnie stealing the new toy mum bought for Penny Lane, she looks like a wino lol.
  • Thanks to Ange, I picked this amazing PJ top up from Kmart for $6. ALL THE SLOTH THINGS PLEASE.
  • I started training again today, we are doing little group sessions at my friends place with a group of us and doing Kettlebells (my favourite type of exercise). Doing this 3 x a week will hopefully whip me into shape again. 6 hours have passed since we finished and I’M SORE.
  • I found these little smoothie cups from Aldi, you get 2 in a pack and they come in a couple of different varieties of vegies & fruits. You just add water, blend and you’re good to go. They were $3.99 for 2 which isn’t too bad and good when you are in a pinch.
  • Slow cook Sunday, I’m making my hearty winter soup. Recipe on it’s way 🙂

On The Blog

A bit of a slow week on the blog this past week, in that I posted nothing… Really sticking to my July Goals there.

I did post a YouTube video though which I haven’t linked back here yet, it was an empties video. One of my favourites to do… Yes to throwing shit out!

Blog Posts I’ve Loved This Week

What has your week been like? Let me know below 🙂