How To: Protect Your Privacy On Instagram

How To: Protect Your Privacy On Instagram

We all love putting photos on Instagram of our food, our dogs and the odd selfie (well that’s pretty much my Instagram feed anyway). Did you know that the app actually geotags where you take all of your photos? So if your sitting at home uploading images to Instagram, people can find out where you live or where you hang out. Not cool!

When I found out about this I had a bit of a google to see if I could find a way to disable it, which I have now done myself and I thought I would share the steps with you. The one issue I’ve come across with the way I’ve disabled it is that you are unable to geotag the places you want to, so if your at a cool cafe for brunch and want to tag it into your ‘gram you won’t be able to. I guess a solution for this is to see if that cool cafe has their own Instagram and tag them in your comments. You never know they may feature your picture on their Instagram!

Firstly, Check to see if it is currently enabled on your Instagram app. To do this go into your profile and if the little geotag symbol is a light grey and unclickable, you are fine and protected! If it is a darker grey and you go into a map, keep reading.

Here are the steps I used to disable it. Just a quick note, these steps are for iPhone only.

Step 1 – Check your profile to see if your posts are currently being geo-tagged. This is what mine looked like when it was.

Step 2 – Click the little geotag symbol and you will see a big map of the world, which will then zoom into where you have most of your photos. You will see I have 814 photos geotagged, some would have been done by me but the majority were done without my knowledge.


Step 3 – Click edit and you will get a grid with all of your currently geotagged photos show up.

Step 4 – Click edit on this screen and the next screen will show all ticks, with select all / deselect all. You want to pick deselect all.

Step 5 – Once you have done this, your screen should look like mine below, with no ticks on it.

Step 6. Press Done and it will confirm if you would like to remove the geotags, Click Confirm.

Step 7. Now your map will be clear of all the geo-tagged pictures, yay! 

Step 8. Now to prevent Instagram adding geotags to your future posts, you need to go into Settings > Privacy > Location Services and then find Instagram on that page and change it from While Using to Never… Yes I really need to get rid of some of my apps!

Step 9. Go back into your Instagram profile and check that the little geotag symbol is now a lighter grey colour and can’t be clicked. If so, you are now safe from geotagging.


Like I said before, this does stop you from being able to geotag yourself at certain locations, if it’s a must just enable it through the location settings and then disable it again once you have finished. This way it won’t tag your location when you are sitting at home on the couch.

I hope this has been helpful for some of you, and if you’re interested in me sharing any other tips similar to this i’m happy to do so!