Loving All Things Copper


One of my current obsessions at the moment is anything copper, this hasn’t been helped by the amazing affordable copper options Kmart have been releasing lately. Seriously, Kmart is KILLING it right now.

I highly recommend checking out some of the awesome Kmart homewares inspired instagram peeps like Kmart AusInspire,  The Kmart Forecast, Kmart Grapevine & Kmart Bargains – Warning: All of these accounts will make you want to make irrational trips to Kmart late at night to find these amazing products.


I’ve actually collected a few more things since I filmed this video, so there may be a part 2 in the making :).

Anyone else as obsessed with this copper trend as I am? I would love to know what you’ve found and bought!

Check out my video below for what I’ve purchased lately.



  • Kmart is TOTALLY killing it right now. I have spent so much money there lately! You’re right, avoiding it is pretty much the only way to not spend your entire paycheck there! Love the copper purchases you’ve made x

    • I need to unfollow all the Kmart accounts I follow because I keep seeing everything new they get, stalk my local and buy buy buy. Not good!

  • Evelyn (cotton candy diva)

    loving Kmart’s homewares! I’m loving the copper too!…I have been waiting weeks for one of those bigger copper wire baskets and my local only just got some more stock today! hitting up kmart tomorrow lol

    • Ooooo did you manage to pick one up? I’ve been eyeing those off for months but can’t think of anything to put in them. My husband is getting a bit over all the copper in the house lol!