Winter Travel List

Winter Travel


As you may or may not know i’m jetting off for my belated honeymoon on Boxing Day to the US, this will be my 2nd time visiting and the husbands first (hopefully he loves it!) We start our trip off on the east coast visiting New York & Washington DC and from reports i’ve heard it’s going to be fr-fr-fr-freeeeeezing. I’m not really prepared for the cold, I love the cold but it doesn’t get THAT cold in Sydney really. The coldest I’ve ever been was on the roadtrip last year where it was -4 in Glenrowan (brrrr!).

So i’ve been compiling a little list of things I need to add to my luggage to keep me nice and toasty while walking the streets of New York City, I’ve got my coat situation sorted I mentioned a big parka I bought from ASOS last year before the roadtrip and I think that will do for this trip (with plenty of layers underneath). So the other little items I need are –

Jeans – I already have quite a few pairs of jeans but I’d like to add another pair of my favourite ASOS Ridley jeans, perhaps in dark blue or clean black. They are my most favourite style of jean… skinny, high waisted (which i’ll need because, Shake Shack…In N Out) and the petite length fits my short legs perfectly without the need to be rolled up or hemmed. My pair I own have a rip in the knee (on purpose) so I’m thinking I need a pair of non ripped ones to keep me warm. Keeping my eye out for a sale.

Gloves – Should I go the full finger glove or the mitten route? I quite like the mitten ones with the top part that you can take off but I think ughhh fussy. All the gloves i’ve tagged have the special fingertips so you can still use your phone. Holy shit my Instagram feed is going to be spammed.

Boots/Shoes – This is my biggest struggle, I’ve read that I need shoes that are waterproof and have a pretty good sole in case it’s slippery from ice. I also found this pair on Shopbop today which i’m tempted to get because I love my Converse but I’m worried the fleece lining might get too hot. The pairs i’ve picked here are both synthetic made with PU which i’m pretty sure is waterproof, I’m going to check out the outlets in the next few weeks and try some on and see if I find something I like. Any suggestions? I’d like something that will basically go with every outfit because I’m trying to take a minimal amount of luggage so I can buy stuff over there :).

Beanies – I’d love to get something cute, maybe with a pom pom and that suits my head and hair lol. I’m not usually a beanie/hat kind of person but I think it’ll be essential to have one. I kinda love the Bacon one because well Bacon is everything. I’ll probabaly go a neutral shade here in either cream, black or grey.

Scarf – My lovely friends bought me a Slytherin scarf from Harry Potter world which I adore and I thought I would take, but I think I might purchase something else in a plain colour to match all of my clothes. It’ll likely be grey, let’s be honest everything I buy will likely be grey :). I like the idea of one of those big scarves that you can basically use as a blanket as well, this would be good for the plane and also the train we’re getting between New York & Washington DC.

So they’re my current ponderings on things I need to get before the big trip! Only about 8 weeks to go, and so excited 🙂 I’m going to do a couple of things on here and YouTube leading up to the trip as well like what I’m packing and stuff.

If you have any tips let me know, I haven’t been on such a big trip in such a long time and this is actually the longest i’ll ever be away from home (and my dogs!).