Life Update


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My last post in March mentioned the fact i’d be taking a little break from doing the Weekly Deals posts for a couple of weeks due to moving… Weeeeeeeeell it ended up being more like a month. Oops! So let’s catch up!

MOVING/ Holy crap this has been tough… I’ve moved by myself as an adult a total of 3 times prior to this move. Granted, this was bigger then any of the others i’ve had before but I think i’m still recovering from it all. We’ve made the move from suburban Sydney to the lovely Blue Mountains, which I absolutely love and have loved for so so long. My parents moved there a few years ago now and since then I’ve always felt that we’d end up there as well at some point. I wasn’t quite prepared for how much work this move was going to be or how stressed I was going to be during/after it. Packing/Culling was fine (I love throwing stuff out!), we even had a garage sale & then followed up with a car boot sale the next day and made some extra $$’s while getting rid of stuff (I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS!).

We managed to move over the Easter long weekend so could do it in little spurts and then get a truck for the day for the big stuff, I am so grateful to our friends and family that helped us out, we are so lucky to have such awesome people to help us. So all good happy happy, then it came to cleaning up the old place, I went back on my own thinking I could do it all in a day – boy was I wrong. I ended up on the middle of an empty lounge room floor in tears… This was going to be a common pattern over the next few weeks to be honest (ugh).

As of right now we are pretty settled (or mostly anyway) the dogs are loving having such a big backyard to explore. We are now completely done with the old place and it’s rented out at a ridiculous price for what it is to someone else while we are living in a much nicer home. I only have a few more things to unpack and the spare guest room to sort out.

COMMUTING/ Something else i’m doing now that we’ve made the big move is commuting. I haven’t really commuted since I finally got my drivers licence but I made the decision to do the whole public transport thing 4 days a week and drive on Fridays (depending on if we have a social commitment after work) to work. Main reason is to save some km’s in my car and the fact it actually works out cheaper for me to get the train and bus. The thing I don’t like is the fact I have to get up so early (5.20am…). The thing I do like though is that I’ve been able to catch up on a lot of Podcasts and start reading a lot more (moving onto my next subject… Smooth transition). I do also want to try and get organized and writing blog posts on my trip home (my head is way too fuzzy to do this in the morning, plus I snooze for the majority of the trip lol).

READING/ As mentioned above, one of the things I really like about commuting is the fact I get a chance to read. I find if i’m at home I can always find a million other things I should be doing before reading (It’s a bit sad really that catching up on the latest Kardashian episode is made a priority over reading in my life). If you’re keen to see what I’ve been reading I’ve been updating my Goodreads regularly when I get a new book. I also joined up to the local library which I’ve been using on a weekly basis. One day I’ll have to post a photo of the view from my library, it’s incredible.

COOKING/ I love cooking and I had become really lazy/unmotivated with cooking dinner every night and often finding myself heading to the local KFC for a quick dinner fix. Now that we live quite away from these temptations (except for the yummy Thai place up the road) and the fact my kitchen is much much nicer and more spacious, and gas! I love cooking with gas!. I’ve actually been cooking dinner almost every night. We still do go out on occasion but even this has really reduced. I’m thinking I might start sharing some of my recipes on here; there’s nothing revolutionary but I enjoy reading everyday peoples recipes, especially if they’re fast and tasty! I’ve been pinning a few things I want to try out and my current food/pinning obsession are sheet pan dinners, one pan to clean? Sign me up!

CLEAN WITH ME VIDEOS/ I am oddly obsessed with the clean with me videos circulating on YouTube at the moment. If you haven’t watched one I suggest checking out How Jen Does It, you’ll be soon filling a spray bottle with water & vinegar and cleaning every surface of the house.

SNAPCHAT/ I am kinda sorta obsessed with Snapchat! Add me! Username: vulcanella

So that’s it for now, hopefully I’ll finally get myself sorted out and get back to some regular content on here. I really do miss blogging and the community that surrounds blogging. Have a wonderful weekend!