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Long time no see! I actually haven’t posted since October and since I got back from my trip to the USA (amazing! Will have a post up about this soon, plus a haul video) I’ve been wanting to get back to writing my blog but I didn’t really know what to start with.

Weekly Makeup Deals is something I’ve had brewing in my head for awhile and honestly, I’ve been lazy and just couldn’t be bothered doing it in the past. I wanted to give myself a bit of a challenge this year in terms of blogging and I think this is a good thing to start with. I will TRY and update these each week and with as much information as I can find. The format may change because this is still a bit green so bear with me. I’ll try and find local deals mostly but if I come across some great online steals/free shipping/etc I’ll add those as well. If you find something I haven’t added, feel free to comment below and I’ll update it. I won’t be listing absolutely everything, just the things that I think are a good deal.

PRICELINEDirect link to catalogue

If you are after haircare, this is the sale to go for. If you spend $40 or more you receive a free haircare giftbag with over $200 worth of products (while stocks last).


  • 2 for $45 on selected Revlon Colorstay products (good deal if you are buying bases)
  • $5 off lip products from Rimmel
  • 20% off entire range of Bourjois
  • 30% off L’Oreal Infallible Range


  • 25% off entire range of Skin Doctors products & Nivea Body Range
  • 20% off entire ranges from Sanctuary Spa, Bliss, Antipodes, Botani, Wotnot, Clearasil & Clean & Clear
  • 40% off Olay Skincare
  • 20% off Australis Tanning Range, Models Prefer Tanning & Puretan


  • 30% off entire ranges of John Frieda, L’Oreal Hair Care
  • 20% off Kardashian Beauty (excludes beauty tools), Batiste, Hask, Lady Jane & Scunci
  • 25% off Marc Anthony & OGX
  • 30% off VO5, Tresemme, Charles Worthington
  • 40% off Schwarzkopf Styliste Ultime & Extra Care ranges


CHEMIST WAREHOUSE – Direct link to catalogue

Not a huge amount of sales on here, but they are always quite a cheap option and one to keep an eye out on. Some of the good deals I found are –

  • Entire OGX range for $8.99 each
  • 25% entire range of Neutrogena products
  • 40% off Neutrogena Hydro Boost Serum (I’m keen to try this one myself)

TARGET – Direct link to catalogue

They aren’t on sale this week but keep an eye out for the new Sleek & TheBalm stands at your local target, mine got one last week and it was so fun to finally swatch some Sleek products in person!


  • 30% off the entire range of the following brands (basically everything!) – Maybelline, L’Oreal, Covergirl, Max Factor, Chi Chi, Rimmel, Nude by Nature, QVS, Sally Hansen, Manicare
  • Buy One get One Half Price off Revlon


  • 30% off entire ranges of Garnier & Nivea


  • 30% off entire ranges of Scunci & Lady Jayne

BIG W– Direct link to catalogue

Another good department store sale this week!


  • Barry M is now stocked in select Big W stores (sadly not mine! In fact my local store has no makeup… boooooo!). If you spend $19 or over you receive a free Barry M makeup bag.
  • 25% off entire range from Boe Professional, Covergirl & Australis
  • 30% off entire range from L’Oreal & Maybelline


  • 20% off Cetaphil Skincare
  • 40% off Garnier & L’Oreal Skincare
  • $3 off Aveeno & Neutrogena Skincare

COLES – Direct link to catalogue (check your local catalogue as these may be for NSW only)

  • 30% off entire range of Maybelline
  • 40% off entire range of L’Oreal Skincare
  • 1/2 Price on all Nivea items

WOOLWORTHS –  Direct link to catalogue (check your local catalogue as these may be for NSW only)

  • Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation $13 (savings $5.95)
  • 40% off Olay Skincare
  • 2 for $20 on L’Oreal Hair Expertise Shampoo or Conditioner (I love these!)

If you have a great deal that i’ve missed, let me know and i’ll add it in!


Winter Travel


As you may or may not know i’m jetting off for my belated honeymoon on Boxing Day to the US, this will be my 2nd time visiting and the husbands first (hopefully he loves it!) We start our trip off on the east coast visiting New York & Washington DC and from reports i’ve heard it’s going to be fr-fr-fr-freeeeeezing. I’m not really prepared for the cold, I love the cold but it doesn’t get THAT cold in Sydney really. The coldest I’ve ever been was on the roadtrip last year where it was -4 in Glenrowan (brrrr!).

So i’ve been compiling a little list of things I need to add to my luggage to keep me nice and toasty while walking the streets of New York City, I’ve got my coat situation sorted I mentioned a big parka I bought from ASOS last year before the roadtrip and I think that will do for this trip (with plenty of layers underneath). So the other little items I need are –

Jeans – I already have quite a few pairs of jeans but I’d like to add another pair of my favourite ASOS Ridley jeans, perhaps in dark blue or clean black. They are my most favourite style of jean… skinny, high waisted (which i’ll need because, Shake Shack…In N Out) and the petite length fits my short legs perfectly without the need to be rolled up or hemmed. My pair I own have a rip in the knee (on purpose) so I’m thinking I need a pair of non ripped ones to keep me warm. Keeping my eye out for a sale.

Gloves – Should I go the full finger glove or the mitten route? I quite like the mitten ones with the top part that you can take off but I think ughhh fussy. All the gloves i’ve tagged have the special fingertips so you can still use your phone. Holy shit my Instagram feed is going to be spammed.

Boots/Shoes – This is my biggest struggle, I’ve read that I need shoes that are waterproof and have a pretty good sole in case it’s slippery from ice. I also found this pair on Shopbop today which i’m tempted to get because I love my Converse but I’m worried the fleece lining might get too hot. The pairs i’ve picked here are both synthetic made with PU which i’m pretty sure is waterproof, I’m going to check out the outlets in the next few weeks and try some on and see if I find something I like. Any suggestions? I’d like something that will basically go with every outfit because I’m trying to take a minimal amount of luggage so I can buy stuff over there :).

Beanies – I’d love to get something cute, maybe with a pom pom and that suits my head and hair lol. I’m not usually a beanie/hat kind of person but I think it’ll be essential to have one. I kinda love the Bacon one because well Bacon is everything. I’ll probabaly go a neutral shade here in either cream, black or grey.

Scarf – My lovely friends bought me a Slytherin scarf from Harry Potter world which I adore and I thought I would take, but I think I might purchase something else in a plain colour to match all of my clothes. It’ll likely be grey, let’s be honest everything I buy will likely be grey :). I like the idea of one of those big scarves that you can basically use as a blanket as well, this would be good for the plane and also the train we’re getting between New York & Washington DC.

So they’re my current ponderings on things I need to get before the big trip! Only about 8 weeks to go, and so excited 🙂 I’m going to do a couple of things on here and YouTube leading up to the trip as well like what I’m packing and stuff.

If you have any tips let me know, I haven’t been on such a big trip in such a long time and this is actually the longest i’ll ever be away from home (and my dogs!).

models prefer rose nude palette

Wow, so it’s been so long since I’ve actually written a blog post. I’ve had these photos sitting in my draft section for way too long and thought it was about time to get the post up. I’m a bit rusty so bear with me lol.

The Models Prefer Rose Nudes Palette has been out for awhile now and retails at $12.99AUD and is only available from Priceline (FYI Models Prefer is a Priceline exclusive brand). They have a couple of other palettes out in this range a Black (I guess for smokey looks) and the original Nude (which I also own, and is shown below next to the new Rose Palette). I get a fair bit of use out of both of the versions I own, they are easy shadows to use for my everyday makeup and the size of the palette which is smaller then my iPhone is so easy to travel with. They stayed during my recent Makeup Palette cull! (video coming soon).

This palette is a bit of a take on the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette with some of the shades coming in as close dupes. I have previously swatched and reviewed the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette as well.

Also random addition of the Models Prefer Paw Paw ointment in Peach because I bought this on the same day and thought it looked good next to the palette, this is also an awesome product and the Peach smell is delicious.

models prefer rose nude palette nude palette

models prefer rose nude palette swatch

As you can see and as the name suggests the shades here lead more rosey and warm (funny that!) then the previous Nude palette. There is a mixture of matte, shimmer formulas and a shade that is almost like a pressed pigment which is the 4th shade from the top, a stunning copper (my personal favourite and most worn tbh). My gripe with this palette is the first 4 shades, I think so many light shades is unnecessary and would have preferred (HA HA) a more mid toned brown matte shade to use as a transition or crease colour. The lighter matte shades are also a little bit chalky and really need to be blended in, I generally just use these as a base for my makeup so you don’t really see them anyway. The rest are fantastic shades, the only other one I haven’t dipped my brush into is the darkest shade which is almost a black with small purple shimmers, it’s just not my thing.

Onto some swatches… Sorry these did have names but I lost the little insert thing.

models prefer rose nude palette swatches

models prefer rose nude palette swatches

In comparison with the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, some of the shades are pretty close to duping the palette but the formula just isn’t as good. However, if you are on a budget or just want a couple of shades from the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette and they are duped in this palette, maybe check this one out.

models prefer rose nude palette vs urban decay naked 3

models prefer rose nude palette and urban decay naked 3 swatches

Here I have swatched Buzz, Trick, Nooner & Blackheart from the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette and the corresponding shades from the Models Prefer Nude Rose Palette (the MP shades are the first of the shades swatched).

As mentioned previously the Models Prefer Nude Rose Palette retails for $12.99AUD and can be purchased from the mothership…aka Priceline 🙂


top 5 beauty products august

Lately, I’ve been keeping my daily makeup in a small storage box that I take into the bathroom with me every morning to apply, I try to change these products up every week or so but there are some that have stayed in the entire month. I’m finding this is a good way to test out products and also a much quicker way for me to get ready in the mornings since I only have a small selection to choose from. I’ve picked my favourite 5 from last month from that stash.

L’oreal Paris Brow Artist Plumper in Blonde – RRP $18.95AUD – I feel like i’ve talked about this product a lot over on my YouTube channel but it hasn’t gotten as much love over here, basically it’s amazing. I use this on the daily, with a pencil on weekends or nights out when I have a bit more time or just brushed through my brows during the week to make them stay in place and look a little fuller. I’ve tried quite a few of these new brow gel/mascara/oomph products of late and this is by far my favourite (followed closely by Benefit Gimme Brow). While it’s a little on the pricey side for a drugstore product, there are always sales and I suggest you pick this one up on the next one.

L’oreal Paris Colour Riche Lipstick in 640 Erotique – RRP $21.95AUD – This was one of those on a whim purchases, I was actually after a different lipstick by Chi Chi at the recent 20% (or was it 30% off) at Target and couldn’t find it. P.S. Is anyone else’s local Target cosmetic section an absolute shit hole? Mine is the worst! Anyway, I was browsing around the other stands and saw a fresh range of these lipsticks in a bunch of new colours and formulations. Of course I went straight for the mattes and picked this bad boy up… It is in a word PERFECTION! Such a great deep rosy nude shade that can be worn every single damn day (which it has). I’ve never tried a L’Oreal lipstick before and this has me wanting to go back to try more, the formula is so creamy for a matte lipstick and it feels comfortable on the lips. That shade though (heart eyed emojis). The scent might not be to everyones taste/or smell but I don’t mind it and it doesn’t stick around that long anyway.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Masacara in Blackest Black – RRP $21.95AUD – I’ve noticed a lot of bloggers raving about this mascara, and rightly so! People have said that it’s a good dupe for Benefits Roller Lash, I don’t have that so I can’t compare. What I can say though is that it is a solid mascara and does the job of defining, lengthening and creating volume in my lashes. The brush is also kind of unique and gets those outer corner lashes fluttering like nothing else. This is the first masacara that has actually wow’d me in quite awhile.

Chi Chi Cosmetics Lip Liner in Fly Girl – RRP $9.95AUD –  I have so much love for the Chi Chi Cosmetics Viva La Diva lipsticks so I decided to pick up a lip liner to try out. I’m not usually a lip liner kind of girl but this has certainly converted me, the colour is a deep dusty pink which looks great on it’s own or layered with a lippy on top (With that L’Oreal Erotique shade especially). The formula is one of the creamiest I have ever tried with a lip liner which can be a good thing or a bad thing, bad in the sense I feel like it may run out very very soon. Oh well I’ll just need to go buy a backup.

Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil in Hot Chocolate – RRP $3.05AUD – Not a typo, that is the price and it is worth much much more than that. Such a rich and pigmented eyeliner that goes on almost gel like. I like wearing this pressed down quite close to my top lash line to give the bottom of my lashes more volume and not be so KAPOW like a black liner can be. It also looks great with any neutral eye look smudged on the lash line. I’ve also picked up another shade recently in Hot Scorch which will likely be featured here soon.

Here are some swatches of a few products – Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil in Hot Chocolate, Chi Chi Cosmetics Lip Liner in Fly Girl & L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Lipstick in 602 Erotique.




One of my current obsessions at the moment is anything copper, this hasn’t been helped by the amazing affordable copper options Kmart have been releasing lately. Seriously, Kmart is KILLING it right now.

I highly recommend checking out some of the awesome Kmart homewares inspired instagram peeps like Kmart AusInspire,  The Kmart Forecast, Kmart Grapevine & Kmart Bargains – Warning: All of these accounts will make you want to make irrational trips to Kmart late at night to find these amazing products.


I’ve actually collected a few more things since I filmed this video, so there may be a part 2 in the making :).

Anyone else as obsessed with this copper trend as I am? I would love to know what you’ve found and bought!

Check out my video below for what I’ve purchased lately.