A couple of weekends ago I was lucky enough to attend the Sydney Beauty Expo, this is an expo for those working in the beauty industry like salon owners etc. There are loads of informative talks, seminars and new release products to check out. There are also a lot of products for sale at a reduced price (think IMATS but with a whole lot more skincare, nails etc). I’ve attended the past few years and it’s always a great day out.

This year I only bought a couple of items, I had really only one thing on my wishlist to get and that was a Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick, so much so that I spent an hour in the morning watching swatch videos on YouTube trying to decide which colour to pick. I’d settled on Celebrity Skin (a darker nude, brown colour with a little bit of peach in it. Also a great song by Hole). We found them at the ModelRock Lashes stand and the kicker was they were selling them for $27AUD (They sell for $28 on their website for your reference) and had no testers… UGH! After a bit of deliberation with Ange and finally deciding that yes we would buy one each, I got Celebrity Skin. I also picked up a few pairs of lashes which were down to $3.95AUD each and one set was only $1.95AUD plus a tiny tube of lash glue. I’m really wanting to try this whole lash thing again.



Isn’t the colour stunning, I love it! The formula is also great and it lasts really well on the lips. I’m keen to get my hands on some more of these (I’m thinking IMATS LA).

Then we hit up the Girlee Cosmetics stand and decided to make a 4 pan palette ($25AUD). I’ve made one of these previously and have some swatches etc in this post here from IMATS 2012. I’ve really been into the warmer shaded shadows of late and the colours I chose in the palette really reflect this, I haven’t had a chance to wear these shades yet but going off experience from my other Girlee Cosmetics shadows they are fantastically pigmented, smooth and easy to blend.


Shades from Top Left to Bottom Right – Copper Penny, Root Beer (Matte), Gold Bronze & Honey Glow


I’m so pleased with my choices and can’t wait to have a play around with some eye looks with them, I even think I could also use Honey Glow as a highlighter.

Looking forward to hitting up the expo again next year and seeing what I come home with!

I was provided with a media pass to attend this expo.

Contouring, Strobing, Kim K’ing… It’s the makeup “thing” people are doing. Most brands have gotten on board and bought out their own versions of the Contour Kits. Providing you a few shades of highlight and contour shades to get your face looking slimmer, highlighted and Instagrammable.

2 of my favourite budget brands have bought out their own versions and of course I’ve snapped up both of them. I remember the hype surrounding the Australis AC On Tour (get it… A Contour… lol) kit when it first hit the shelves, it was an instant sell-out and finding it was like finding gold at the end of a rainbow. Eventually I managed to get my hands on one in the 2nd round of restocks :). Recently Models Prefer have bought out their version, with mirror (yes it’s bolded on the front of the packaging) again, I needed this even though I had the Australis version.

A week after I filmed this, Australis repackaged the original version of the kit with 2 new shades medium & dark (and added a mirror). The one I’ve got is still available but it is now the Light shade of the kits.

In my video I compare them and do swatch comparisons of the shades, yes they are actually different and let you know which one I like the best. Feel free to Subscribe, Like all that good stuff 🙂

I would love to know if you’ve tried these and if you have a preference?

Both of these kits are available at Priceline and are priced at $16.95AUD



How To: Protect Your Privacy On Instagram

We all love putting photos on Instagram of our food, our dogs and the odd selfie (well that’s pretty much my Instagram feed anyway). Did you know that the app actually geotags where you take all of your photos? So if your sitting at home uploading images to Instagram, people can find out where you live or where you hang out. Not cool!

When I found out about this I had a bit of a google to see if I could find a way to disable it, which I have now done myself and I thought I would share the steps with you. The one issue I’ve come across with the way I’ve disabled it is that you are unable to geotag the places you want to, so if your at a cool cafe for brunch and want to tag it into your ‘gram you won’t be able to. I guess a solution for this is to see if that cool cafe has their own Instagram and tag them in your comments. You never know they may feature your picture on their Instagram!

Firstly, Check to see if it is currently enabled on your Instagram app. To do this go into your profile and if the little geotag symbol is a light grey and unclickable, you are fine and protected! If it is a darker grey and you go into a map, keep reading.

Here are the steps I used to disable it. Just a quick note, these steps are for iPhone only.

Step 1 – Check your profile to see if your posts are currently being geo-tagged. This is what mine looked like when it was.

Step 2 – Click the little geotag symbol and you will see a big map of the world, which will then zoom into where you have most of your photos. You will see I have 814 photos geotagged, some would have been done by me but the majority were done without my knowledge.


Step 3 – Click edit and you will get a grid with all of your currently geotagged photos show up.

Step 4 – Click edit on this screen and the next screen will show all ticks, with select all / deselect all. You want to pick deselect all.

Step 5 – Once you have done this, your screen should look like mine below, with no ticks on it.

Step 6. Press Done and it will confirm if you would like to remove the geotags, Click Confirm.

Step 7. Now your map will be clear of all the geo-tagged pictures, yay! 

Step 8. Now to prevent Instagram adding geotags to your future posts, you need to go into Settings > Privacy > Location Services and then find Instagram on that page and change it from While Using to Never… Yes I really need to get rid of some of my apps!

Step 9. Go back into your Instagram profile and check that the little geotag symbol is now a lighter grey colour and can’t be clicked. If so, you are now safe from geotagging.


Like I said before, this does stop you from being able to geotag yourself at certain locations, if it’s a must just enable it through the location settings and then disable it again once you have finished. This way it won’t tag your location when you are sitting at home on the couch.

I hope this has been helpful for some of you, and if you’re interested in me sharing any other tips similar to this i’m happy to do so!




Hi! So again I’ve taken my darn time and not been updating these little tidbits into my life weekly… Oops! You may or may not have noticed that things look a little different around here, I’m one of those people that constantly likes to change up my blog design and it seemed to be that time of year again, so introducing the new layout/design etc. I’m actually really happy with how it looks and I spent more time on it then I have any other redesign. I still have a few other things I want to change but that will all come with time.

In some other news, I’ve just discovered Canva so expect more random graphic headings like the one you see above from me 🙂 It’s really handy for making those web graphics as it gives you a bunch of templates to work with. Loving it! I even made a Pinterest quote type thing which I’ll be adding to the bottom of this post.

What’s been happening via Instagram shots?

– Last night I made this pasta using a recipe from Pinterest… So happy with how it turned out. It was basically just salmon, spinach, lemon zest, parsley and cream and so easy! You can check the recipe out here if you’re interested in trying it to. I do think i’d like to use Smoked Salmon next time rather than fresh salmon.

– My parents puppy is getting big! He also loves Penny Lane and especially likes terrorizing her. When we visited on Sunday she was so exhausted on the trip home she slept the entire way back and only got up to have dinner that night.

– On Saturday night Shane and I went off to see the WWE, we haven’t been to a live WWE show in years and despite me not really being into wrestling as much as I was say 8 years ago, it was still fun and one of my favourites Shawn Michaels was there. Currently my wrestling viewing is mainly limited to Total Divas (love that show, and i’m not ashamed.)

– This doesn’t look appetizing but Ikea’s Swedish Meatballs give me life!

– Some pics of my dogs, of course. Last weekend I took them to Pet Barn for a wash (with the assistance of my mum). One hates it and one loves it… Can you tell which?

– DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE! So last Saturday night I saw Death Cab For Cutie for the first time, in the 2nd row at the mother fucking Opera House! Amazing! So amazing in fact that 2 mins after we left the venue, my cousin and I bought tickets to see them again on Sunday night at a different venue. My little Pinterest quote I did is inspired by that weekend.

– This isn’t really from last week but a couple of weeks ago, working on editing THIS video. It has taken me the longest out of any video i’ve done before.

– Not in pictures but last week my poor little car got rear ended, it’s still okay to drive but has a massive crack in the bumper. It should be fixed next week though :).



I don’t have any blog posts to share with you this week, i’ve been slack in favouriting them so instead I thought i’d give you a list of a couple of songs that have been earworms for me at the moment and worth checking out. All very diverse so perhaps something for different tastes!

The Weeknd – Can’t Feel My Face – Spotify Link!

Parkway Drive – Vice Grip – Spotify Link!

Rufus – You Were Right – Spotify Link!



Does anyone else sometimes love going to Kmart late at night and picking out random things to buy? This purchase was a product of one of those adventures along with an amazing pair of boots for $20 (I think i’ll do a post about these since they are so good!).

I actually can’t remember the last time I gave myself a bit of a pamper and did a face mask, so when I saw these at Kmart and at $3 a pop I thought it was time to go and pamper myself #treatyoself. There were quite a few different varieties of mask with the same price point and targeting different skin concerns, my concern is always dryness and dehydration so I picked the one that catered for that.

With the main ingredients stating they are Coconut Water & Hyaluronan (another word for Hyaluronic Acid) and claiming to be nourishing I went about putting this on my face. Rather than being one of those masks that dries down on the skin it’s more a really thick cream consistency. I did notice it stung a little to begin with but that soon stopped, I thought it was quite a strange feeling for a hydrating mask though.

I took it off after 15mins and noticed my skin was a little more red than usual (it’s always red) the redness did eventually go down after I applied my night cream, but when I felt my skin…wow it felt so soft and hydrated! I thought the feeling would go away once I got out of the shower but nope it actually hung around for a few days. So I kinda love this cheap little mask! I was a bit silly though and ripped the entire packet when I could have gotten at least 2 more applications with it (but for $3 I’ll just go buy another).

I’m keen to try some of the others in the range to see if they are as good.