It’s just over 2 weeks until the Soundwave Fesitval hits Australia and the news has come in that one of the headlining acts My Chemical Romance have had to pull out due to singer, Gerard Way having some medical issues which are affecting his vocals.

I was hoping to see them, but I have seen them 3 times previously…. so the good news is…

They are being replaced by Jimmy Eat World!! I am super excited about this! I think i’ve mentioned it on twitter a couple of times already this morning 🙂 Just before the Soundwave lineup gets announced the boy and I discuss who our lineup wants are… mine always has Jimmy Eat World on it!

I saw them at the Big Day Out in 2003 so I can’t wait to see them again!


Sportsgirls in house nail polish brand Nail It! has fast become a favourite of mine. The colour range is pretty awesome with their colours reflecting trends of the season and they come in at a reasonable price point of $7.95(AUD).

I find their colours to be long lasting on my nails and a great colour payoff. I also love that most things at Sportsgirl tend to go on sale so you can often get the colours for $4.95 or $2.95 (this is when I stock up!).

My colour today is from that range and it’s called Lavender. I apologise for the crappy pictures this one I took in my office on my phone and flourescent lighting is not my friend!

Check out the polishes online at (unfortunately they don’t ship internationally 🙁 )


One of my favourite things about summer in Australia is the music festivals. It seems there is one on every weekend from the beginning of January until the end of February and generally no matter where your music tastes lie there is generally at least one that will cater to that genre.

This year i’m attending 2 the first will be Good Vibrations on the 13th of Feb with acts such as The Killers, Gossip, Salt n Pepa, Basement Jaxx etc. This is my first time going to a Good Vibrations festival so I really don’t know what to expect. I am hoping it’s well run and not full of douchebags, time will tell 🙂

The other festival i’m attending this year is the Soundwave Festival. This is more a punk/metal festival I guess? I’ve attended the last 3 years and once again it has an amazing line up. Faith No More are headlining which is huge! I have wanted to see them for years! I can’t wait for this one, my timetable already looks to be pretty full on but it’ll be a good day.

So i’ve been attending festivals since I went to my first Big Day Out in 1996 when I was 15 so i’ve learnt a lot of things that are helpful for the day and here I thought i’d write a couple of handy tips for the day plus a little bit on fashion and what is good to wear.

– My first tip is to organise your day as much as possible before you go. Download a timetable and print it off or get one from one of the free street press newspapers that have them (in Sydney it’s usually Drum Media) Check the news pages/forums for the festival the night before to see any last minute changes or cancellations etc. This will help you have a good day being organised and your less likely to miss your favourite acts. Also try and get a copy of the map as well and work out where your stages are you need to go to. 

– Get there at a reasonable time if your band is on early. Lines to get in can take ages, I stood in one for 4 hours once and missed most of the bands I wanted to see that day. Take a bottle of water for the line, if your stuck in line with a mass of people and it’s a hot day your going to need to rehydrate. You can hand in the bottle when you get to the security at the beginning of the line.

– The sun is not your friend so pack some sunscreen and apply apply apply. Drink alcohol in moderation and drink water like it’s going out of fashion!

– Wear comfortable shoes that you don’t mind getting a little scuffed and dirty. I have actually seen girls in stilletos at festivals…I know I shouldn’t but I gawked!

– Get a good nights rest the night before, it’s a long day often over 12hrs of non stop walking/standing/dancing. You need rest!

– Don’t wear your best clothes, they will get dirty and possibly ruined. If your getting something new just go for a cheap option (I always get cheapy tops to wear).

There are so many other tips so if you have any comment below 🙂 Most importantly have an amazing time! See bands you love, sing out loud and dance like no one is watching 🙂

I am currently trying to decide what i’m wearing to the festivals i’m attending so far it’s denim shorts and my converse and some sort of long top (I like long for comfort and modesty). I haven’t found a top yet but I know what I want. I have included a polyvore image showing festival style I think is comfortable and appropriate. This is my opinion however and may not work for you.


I recently received my first order from, I used to order my OPI colours from a different website but I’d heard some recent reviews on them that were a little unfavourable so I decided to try out somewhere new. So far so good! I have heard though that some people had received polishes from them that were cracked open so I was a little worried when my package arrived (a little over 2 weeks, FYI). When I was opening it I must have looked a little weird because i’m smelling it as i’m cutting the tape so I didn’t get a surprise of nail colours all over me. Turns out mine was okay (thank goodness!). 

I love love love the colours I bought and i’m sure you’ll be seeing them on here at some point. I discovered recently i’m really into nails and have been obsessing over the blogs Scrangie, All Lacquered Up and an Australian one i’ve recently discovered You’ve Got Nail (disclaimer : do not go to these blogs unless you want to buy everything they swatch)

Here is a picture of my nails today in one of the colours I got which is China Glaze – Atlantis. Holy Moly this colour is amaaaaaazing! I can’t stop looking down at my pretty nails! I used 2 coats of the polish and 1 coat of Seche Vite (review coming on this soon!).

Sorry about the crappy pictures, I can’t find my camera charger anywhere and the battery is dead so these are taken with my iphone. These photos really don’t do it justice.

I’m going to go eat some 2 minute noodles now 🙂 yummmmm!

Have  a great day!


Welcome to my blog!

This is probably my 4395293520th blog… i’ve tried everything from specialising in music, cooking, fashion etc so I thought why not delete all the useless ones and just create one about everything I love…hence the name love vulcanella 🙂

Expect randoms here about whatever I feel like talking about. I’ll be doing product reviews, concert reviews, updates about life etc so stay tuned!

Hope you enjoy! follow my blog, follow my twitter, comment me if you have a great blog I need to see right now 🙂