Lately i’ve discovered the world of texturising sprays that make my fine, flat hair have a little more oomph (I like that word… oomph).

Here is a rundown on the products i’ve been using to acheive a bigger, messier do.

Girlz Only – XXL Volume Plump Dry Shampoo – This can be picked up at Target for a measly $2.00AUD. I often buy the Girlz Only dry shampoo’s because I feel like they do a similar job to Bastite for a fraction of the cost. I like to spray this on to revive my hair after a few days of solid pony tail work and when it’s feeling a little greasy – leading to super flat roots.

VO5 Give Me Texture Dry Texturising Spray – One of my supermarket on a whim purchases, which turned out to actually be amazing. I really like the look this gives my hair, I usually spray this from the bottom of my hair upwards and it gives me a bit of volume at the ends of my hair. This is also perfect to spray into any curls you might either have or curl into your hair. It gives that cool messy textured look (which I personally love). There are a few other products in this range and also a dry shampoo that I’m keen to try out. Also, I tried to find this on Pricelines online store but couldn’t see it – however it shows up on Coles Online store… This may be exclusive to Coles but I can’t be sure. Priced at $7.69AUD it’s a bargain.

Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Sea Spray Texurizing Spray* –  The product that can be blamed for my current obsession with all things texurizing. I was sent this product to try out and as soon as I smelt it (ginger… incredible) I was in love. Not only does it work amazingly and give my hair a much needed boost at the roots, it actually feels really nice to use not sticky and drying like some other sprays can tend to be. This one is a little more pricey then the others I mentioned at $34.00AUD and also a bit harder find, being a salon brand. If you can get your hands on it and you like the smell of ginger, you will not regret the purchase. A good one to pop on after a few days without washing your hair to give it a lovely scent boost as well.

Sachajuan Volume Powder* – The newest addition to my shelf is the Sachajuan Volume Powder. It’s a fairly new brand to the Australian market coming from Sweden and so far it is available online and via selected stockists . I love the packaging of this product, so simple and yet it looks luxe. The other cool thing is that it comes in a version for dark hair as well (this is the first time I’ve seen a volumising product available for the darker haired ladies… other then regular dry shampoo of course). This is basically a spray in version of the volume powders that you generally put into your roots and work in with your fingers and a dry shampoo hybrid.  I’ve been using this after I straighten my hair with a quick spray to the roots and a scrunch to give some lift. I’ve left the priciest for last, coming in at $40.00AUD – this is probably a little steep for my haircare budget but I will enjoy using it while I have it.

Here is a little demo of me using the Sachajuan Volume Powder – ignore the odd facial expressions, I just did one side using the spray and you can see it looks like I have more hair! yay!

Speaking of roots – I have a hairdressers appointment next week… Ahh the perils of being a bottled blonde 🙂

*Products marked * were provided for my consideration