Gold Coast Adventures

After the wedding S and I went on a little “minimoon”. Since our actual honeymoon isn’t taking place until the end of the year we decided to still go away for a little break to the Gold Coast. We used to visit the Gold Coast a lot and haven’t been back for years, I actually really missed it!

This time we stayed at the Hilton Residences, which is nice but I actually preferred where we stayed last time at Circle on Cavill and think I’ll book in there when we return next.

Some of the highlights, you would have seen most of these if you follow me on Instagram. Be warned a lot of it is food related, especially burgers.

Zaraffas Coffee is always a must when we visit The GC, we don’t have these in Sydney and they are kind of a Starbucks type coffee shop.

Australia Zoo has been on my must-do list for quite sometime. I love animals and I love visiting zoo’s (I’m actually a zoo member so get into most for free, but Australia Zoo is privately owned so we had to pay). The show in the Crocoseum is an absolute must and the zoo is fantastic with a great emphasis on conservation. We saw this little lizard just hanging around near the Crocodile enclosures, he didn’t seem at all scared of us. A small negative and this is pretty common with attractions was the price of food and drink – so expensive!

Lester & Earl S and I have a bit of a love of all things american food (I can just imagine how our trip to the US is going to go). We also both love a good bit of BBQ so when we saw this place mentioned on a BBQ group we are both members of on Facebook it was on the to-do list. This place only opened in April of this year so we were lucky to be amongst the first to visit. We went on a Tuesday night and the place was actually pretty busy, the macaroni & cheese was a standout and the meals were very generously sized. I had ribs and I struggled to finish my meal. I can’t remember the name of the cocktail I had but it had a chili in it and as I let it sit the drink got hotter & hotter, it was really good.

Brooklyn Depot – So good we went back twice! Great little American styled restaurant and bar. Great food, amazing cocktails (Apple Mojito… I miss you so). Quite a good burger list and the wings were delicious. This was walking distance from our apartment as well which was handy.

Movieworld – We tossed up which theme park to visit this time, it was always going to be either Movieworld or Dreamworld (we are big thrill ride fans). I found cheap tickets online for Movieworld so it was decided. Last time we went the Superman Rollercoaster wasn’t going but this time it was and it was brilliant! So fast and over before you knew it, I wanted to ride it again but the queue’s were getting a bit long.

Draculas – This is a Gold Coast tradition of ours to visit Draculas, the food is average but you go for the entertainment and I go for the cocktails 🙂 I drank far too much on this holiday.

JR’s Smokehouse BBQ – I told you we love BBQ! This is a street food/food truck BBQ place based in Byron which had a stand at the Miami Food Markets (recommend these on a Friday or Saturday night). Holy crap, words can’t even begin to describe how amazing this was. Go try it. That’s all I can say!

Black Coffee Lyrics – Favourite breakfast spot we visited over the holiday, it reminded us of cafe’s we go to at home on the weekend. I had scrambled eggs with guacamole (the guacamole was amazing) and S said the coffee was the best coffee he ever had. They also have a bar down one end and seem to have special nights on with cheap drinks etc. I think next time we visit we’ll make sure we check them out at night as well.

Ze Pickle  – So while most places we visited were good, and I did say this was a highlights post I do have to post a bit of a negative. This was on our list before we even touched down and we visited on our last day on the way back to the airport. Basically the burger was tasteless and the food and drinks were overpriced. Won’t be visiting again. Another random note but I noticed Burleigh Heads is full of places selling Acai bowls… It was kind of weird lol.

The last picture is of Tommy Lee on the Cruicfy, while we were away I found cheap tickets to see Motley Crue & Alice Cooper in Sydney (the night we got back). We went and had amazing seats for the $60 we paid (a guy in front of us said he paid $250…). The show was good but Alice Cooper was definitely the standout of the night.

I hope this post has given you some ideas if you’re visiting the Gold Coast in the near future. That’s our last holiday now until the big trip at the end of the year! Can’t wait!!


So over 5 months has passed since my last post so I thought before I start adding content here again I should give you a quick rundown on my whereabouts and what has been happening in my world. I don’t want to make this a long post so i’ll get straight into it.

My hiatus was not planned at all and time just got away from me, a lot of things have happened since my last post that has contributed to my absence from the keyboard, even my instagram hasn’t been as frequently updated.

– I got married! Yep 2 weeks ago I became a wife, the photo i’ve added is from our Sneak Peeks from our photographer. I can’t wait to see more. I thought I was pretty cool calm and collected planning the wedding and doing a lot of the DIY stuff myself, what I didn’t realise was how much time it would all take. This is the main reason I haven’t been seen around these parts, was that I was so busy. I don’t think I became a Bridezilla as such, just a busy bride. It also didn’t help that the room I keep all my makeup and do most of my blogging/youtube stuff basically became my store room for anything wedding related. I finally cleared that today and even set up a new filming nook (Yes, I’m going to start doing videos again as well).

– Some sad things also happened in the lead up to the wedding. My nan got sick around the Easter Long weekend and sadly passed away 3 weeks before the wedding and the week after that we had to put down our family dog of 17 years. All this stress also caused my mum to get Shingles. She was better by the wedding but still quite sick & sore leading up, I was worried she wouldn’t be able to help me out or even worse make it but she’s a trooper and she did.

That’s basically it, along with normal life stuff and not really having the motivation on my weekends or free weeknights to sit down and write posts/do videos/take photos.

Thanks for sticking around if you have, and if you’re new. Hi! I’m back!

Anita xx


Here’s a bit of a treat for you, this is the Christmas playlist i’ve been working on in Spotify… Be warned I do like some non conventional Christmas songs and some may need to be played away from children/grandma (unless she’s hard of hearing). It’s quite a mix of boy bands, punk, metal and a bit of Bublé (because who can resist a bit of Bublé at Christmas). FYI my actual favourite Christmas song of all time is Last Christmas by Wham 🙂

If you have Spotify feel free to follow my list, it’s what I’ll be listening to on the lead up to Christmas and maybe a modified version of it when we have family around :).

Let me know if you can think of any tracks I should add/would like. So far I have 40 tracks on this but i’m constantly adding more in the lead up to Christmas. I’m devo that the South Park Christmas album isn’t on Spotify because that’s always played at Christmas at my parents house.


Source – Tumblr

This is such a cop out post but it’s late and i’m tired and not at all prepared for today’s Blogmas post, so i’m winging it with a random rambles.

– Tonight was Trivia Night (as every Wednesday is) and we won! wooo! go team!

– I picked up the Freddo Frog Advent calendar a few days ago, it’s my favourite one and it hasn’t been too bad having to catch up so I can open a chocolate every day 🙂

Lily Pebbles posted a recipe for a biscuit called Brookies which are a cross between a Brownie and a Cookie so i’ve been madly looking them up on Pinterest and think I know what I want to try baking next.

Source – Pinterest

– Buying tickets to Drake was a success! We got Row A in the first section of seating, I swear I am a champion at ticket buying sometimes. I’ll be having a very busy week that week of February with Drake, Shane’s Birthday and 2 days of Soundwave i’m pretty sure by March i’ll have lost my voice and need a holiday.

Source – Tumblr

– After my trivia teammates being shocked by the fact i’ve never watched Family Guy it’s just made it onto my Netflix list, but my current watching priority is American Horror Story: Coven.

– Still addicted to Serial and can’t believe there are only a few episodes to go, I am still on the fence about if he did it. I do still think Jay was more involved then he has let on.

– 15 Days til Christmas… WTF! I need to get my ass into gear and start doing some Christmas shopping. I hate the shops this time of year though, everyone is so grumpy and shitty. I try and do my shopping quite late at night or first thing in the morning when the general population isn’t around.

I think that’s all for now, sorry for this crappy post but i’m tired and didn’t want to flake on my post today. I should have something much more exciting for you to read tomorrow!


Yes I did do a post about getting healthy last week, but hey we all still deserve to treat ourselves! My absolute weakness is without a doubt burgers and when I heard of this little food truck that changed it’s burger weekly and only operated from Wednesday-Friday nights I knew I needed to try it, and on Friday night that I did.

With only 4 options on the menu it’s not too hard to decide what you’ll have at Mister Gee Burger Truck. This weeks burger was the Cheeseboogie which is a cheeseburger with a special sauce, american cheese, pickles and a delicious meat patty. However, my burger seemed to be missing the pickles (which was disappointing as I looooove pickles), Shane however let me take one of his off his burger and put it on mine <3.

We also decided to get the dirty fries, which are fries loaded with american cheese, salsa and the same special sauce that you’ll find on the Cheeseboogie. Delicious! I was however intrigued by the interesting salt they were putting on the regular fries and think I’ll give these a go if we go back.

I overheard some of the tables around us saying the Baklava Shake was amazing, so I decided to get one when we were leaving as my “dessert”. Once I got past having to chew the little pieces of baklava blended into the shake it really was very very good, and if you’re a baklava fan a definite must try.

Now onto a little burger porn…ready?

Mister Gee Burger Truck is located at 55 Shaftsbury Road, Burwood (inside a car wash carpark) and operates from Wednesday to Friday from 7pm to 10pm (or sold out). You can check out their Facebook or Instagram for more details and details on the burger of the week.

If you are in Sydney, where is your favourite burger? I’m always on the lookout to try new ones!