Our house is only small so it’s a bit hard to get a lot of Christmas going on. I thought i’d show you what I put out today to make things feel a bit more festive!

Above is our small LED tree, I’ve only put a few decorations on so far (yes they are Starbucks decorations) because I’ve been eyeing some rose gold baubles at Target i’ve been meaning to pick up. So once I get those they will also be added to the tree.

My overstuffed bookcase always holds our dogs stockings which we fill up for them every year.  I’m thinking the dogs are going to be getting new collars this year, their current ones are looking a bit worse for wear. I’ve also put our first Christmas card this year and a Santa decoration that I got given last year from a family member on our speaker. You can’t see this but on the next shelf I also have my Christmas Eeyore… He needs to be up high because Minnie (our pug) will bark and bark so I’ll get her it down to play with. Not happening.

Last up are my little Christmas Ornaments i’ve collected and like to display. The first is a Boston Terrier which I was so excited to find, I bought this on our trip to Tassie earlier in the year from the coolest little Christmas shop in Richmond (highly recommend checking it out if you go to Tasmania). Next up is a Pug ornament that my mum bought me this year, she’s actually painted the pug black for me since it was originally the fawn colour, and you can never find anything with Black Pugs. Then we have my Eeyore, this is a Hallmark ornament from a few years ago (can you tell I love Eeyore?). Lastly is a new addition from Hallmark this year, I think it’s a French Bulldog but it looks quite like Pen and the dog is licking which makes it even more like Pen so I had to get it.

I have a few other little things around like Christmas tealight holders etc but these are the main things i’ve put out so far.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little peak into my decorating and I hope that your Christmas decorating is going well, I’d love you to share a link if you’ve posted your decorations this year!


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I’ve done posts about my work at the gym before but this time it’s a fresh start. Basically I stopped going and stopped looking after myself because of personal reasons. I gained back all the weight I’d lost (and some…eeek) and lost all the muscle I gained. I’m approximately 6 months out from my wedding and something had to be done. For some reason, this time I have this new found motivation and have been killing it at the gym, So I thought i’d write down here what I’ve been doing plus a few goals I’d like to achieve over the next month or so since it’s so early in the month.

I’ve been focusing on the Train To Be Awesome program by Nia Shanks, I’m starting off with the Beginner version which runs for 8 weeks; her programs focus on more of the lifting side of fitness rather then cardio which I’m more then okay with. I’ve done lifting before but it suggests doing this if you haven’t picked up a bar in awhile (which I haven’t, except for my few flippant attempts at gym going over the past year…).

Something I’ve been doing is ticking off my workouts after I complete them, I keep this little board on my fridge which was previously used for my shopping lists. There are quite a few more ticks on this, I’ve just completed week 3!

So my routine consists of 3 workouts per week and a mandatory rest day in between each. On these rest days I can do some light cardio like walking and that’s something I’ll be adding into my goals because I do want to try and do a little more. Each workout starts with a warm up session that focuses on all body parts (and already gets my sweat on), following that is strength work either with the big boy barbell (2 of the workouts) or dumbells. Then there is an additional set of exercises that you swap between that focus on another muscle group and then finally you have either an ab exercise or a full body exercise to finish off. The aim is to increase your weight/reps each workout and so far I’ve been pretty consistant with doing this, except for this week because the gym was so busy I couldn’t get my hands on the weights I needed to increase my deadlift…ugh.

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Along with my little chart on the fridge I’ve also been using the Fitocracy app to log in my gym sessions, It’s really easy to use and you can see things like graphs on your lifts to show your progress. If you’d like to follow me you can add me Here.

So with working out pretty much under control, my main issue is food. I love it way to much! I would never work on one of those Paleo/Quit Sugar/Clean Eating type diets so for the moment i’m trying to make good choices as often as I can and still allowing myself to indulge in things I like as well. I should really tighten up the reigns on this one a bit but this is definitely a work in progress!

A couple of my current favourite “healthy” things to eat at the moment are this lunch i’ve been making at work – it’s healthy and cheap! I buy a packet of Kale Coleslaw mix from Coles, add in some microwaved brown rice with quinoa and add some chicken breast. Easy lunch!

This is just a new one for me this week, I love my Chobani yoghurts and try and have one in the afternoon if I know I’m going to be working out that night, but I also picked up this Superfood Trail Mix from Coles and have a handful of that as well, it has little pieces of dark chocolate so good for the 3.30 slump!

Now onto a couple of goals to achieve by next month –

– Continue with my workouts and continue crossing them off my board and logging them into fitocracy.

– Start adding in some walking to my routine, on my off days.

– Food. Make better choices! It’s hard this time of year but gotta try.

– Deadlift 60kgs for 6 reps

Wish me luck!


So on day 2 i’ve decided to do Blogmas… I really wanted to do Vlogmas but my days are pretty boring and same/same so blogmas it is. Now I need to think up content for the next 24 22 days, holy shit what am I getting myself into! I’ll try and keep most content Christmassy but sometimes it might be something completely random. The goal is to blog everyday to Christmas Eve. LET’S DO THIS!

I was just talking to Shane about our families Kris Kringle this year and I thought i’d put together a little selection of Kris Kringle ideas for gifting, be it for a family member or someone you work with. These are some ideas for the people you don’t really know what to buy for coming in at under $30.

Kris Kringle Gift Ideas Under $30


Let me tell you, I’ve gotten a few ideas myself by searching for the items in this little guide. I think my mum will be getting that Meerkat lego set :).

Sorry if all the goodies haven’t linked, i’m still trying to get a hang of this Polyvore clipping thing.

If you have any requests for Blogmas, I’d love to hear them!



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– Wow I actually forgot what WordPress looked like for a minute, and was glad I actually remembered my login details. I’ve been completely uninspired, exhausted and brain overloaded this past month and a bit. Hence the lack of posting. I’ve taken many a picture but not written the words to go with the pictures. I’ve done a couple of youtube vids, and have a couple stashed to be edited when I can find the time to sit and do it. I’m lucky that this blog for me is a hobby so I don’t feel too terrible when I let things slide like they have. I’ve gotten those few moments of clarity where i’m like YES I WANNA BLOG! Then I sit down to do it, or am about to and get distracted by other shiny things. I think these kind of posts are my best way of “starting again” and getting into the swing of things. I hope.

– Can you believe it’s almost Christmas? Actually just under a month now…Shit. I’m scaling back a bit on present buying this year, we are saving for the wedding and I tend to go overboard when it comes to buying gifts.

– Wedding talk… I’m happy to report we’ve organised a few more major things… celebrant, photographer, caterer (so excited about this), MY DRESS!. Now I just have to work on some of the smaller details. We’ve also started talking about planning the Honeymoon. So the plan is to go to the US but we are planning to do it a bit after the wedding so we can save some more $$, but we are thinking about doing a smaller scale mini-moon right after the wedding since I think we’ll both need a break. I want to go to the Gold Coast since it’s where we used to always holiday and we haven’t been in years. S wants to go to Tassie or South Australia since we went to both this year and had an awesome time at both places.

– The heat… I hate summer, yes i’ve said it. On Sunday it was the hottest day in November on record (I think) in Sydney. I sent the dogs up to my parents the day before since they live in the mountains and it seems to be quite a few degrees cooler. S and I went to the movies and saw Interstellar (longest movie available, thank you very much). I really enjoyed it and likened it to Inception in Space. If you have 3hrs to spare, go see it. I also saw The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 on Friday Night and I enjoyed it, I’ve heard it getting a bad rap but I didn’t see a problem with it?.

Also… THIS

You’d better believe i’ll be seeing this the week it comes out!

– Gym/Working Out… Yes i’ve been doing this! I started back at the gym 3 weeks ago and have been going on the regular. I started doing a program by Nia Shanks and i’m absolutely loving it, I’m certainly not anywhere near the strength I used to be but i’m working on it. I think i’ll do a post about this more in depth at a later date. I didn’t go last night though when I was supposed to because I had a headache from hell, you know the really throbbing ones? that, along with aunty flo coming to town was just balls. I actually felt bad about not going and doing my training session. I’m hoping this means i’m in that positive frame of mind about working out again. Still need to work on my food things but one thing at a time.

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– Tomorrow i’m trying my luck to get tickets to see Jimmy Brooks from Degrassi aka Drake!

– Sephora opens in Sydney next Friday, I was hoping to get the day off work so I could head there. Looks like this might not be happening now 🙁 (me getting the day off, Sephora is still opening…as far as I know!). If you go and I can’t please save me some stuff for Saturday morning 😛

I can’t think of anything else, so I’ll sign off now and hopefully I’ll have some normal blog posts up soon!


OMG I forgot to add something important. I’m completely and utterly addicted to the podcast Serial, I can’t really explain it but it’s basically the story of a murder that happened 15 years ago and the narrator is going through the evidence again and seeing if the person charged actually did it or not. I’ll link to it, trust me it’s addictive.


– I’m well and truly back from my 2 week roadtrip. For some reason my karma must be bad because since i’ve been back the following have happened – washing machine broken, front door deadlock broken & last night our hot water stopped being hot water. Ugh! I’ve sent an urgent message to our real estate agent so hoping all gets sorted soon. I need to wash my hair dammit!!!

I’ll be putting up some piccies from the roadtrip in a blog post soon, I gave my camera a bit of a workout (mostly on animals).

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– Purchased my weekend ticket for Soundwave 2015! Fall Out Boy are playing so it was a given I was going to go. Also looking forward to – New Found Glory, All Time Low, Soundgarden, Faith No More and others that have escaped my mind. Speaking of bands i’m seeing Taking Back Sunday & The Used on Saturday night! Love both these bands but not loving the new stuff… Hoping lots of old stuff is played!

– Hi Alex Turner.

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– Wedding stuff is progressing. All I had done before was the venue being booked. Now i’ve booked in my hairdresser (so happy about this, I’m not very trusting with my hair and my hairdresser is awesome… I was so nervous asking her but so glad she said yes!), Save The Dates are finished and on their way out to people, I have a few at home that i’m hand delivering to friends we see all the time etc. WEDDING SHOES! Yep I don’t have a dress or most of the other important things but I do have my wedding shoes, they are quite unconventional but if you know me they are kind of perfect 🙂

– After 2 weeks of eating baaaaaaad food, i’m really needing to up my game and get back onto healthy eating and gym going. Motivation is zero though.

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– I SAW SLOTHS! I’ll probably talk more about this on my roadtrip blog post but yes I saw the 2 sloths at Adelaide Zoo and this time they were a bit more in view then the last time.

– While I was away I got back into reading! I am on Goodreads if you want to add me. I’m trying to do a book challenge but now that i’m back in the real world i’m not doing so great on the reading front. I’m currently reading the latest Bridget Jones book (not loving it).

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– Tonight i’m seeing The Inbetweeners 2 movie… So excited! I’m ready for a big laugh 🙂

– Tomorrow i’m heading off to the International Spa & Beauty Expo! I’ll have a haul post or video (what’s a video? I haven’t done one in months!) up next week.

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