I believe this is a trait of Virgo’s but I frickin’ love organizing! 
So my little room where I do all things makeup was looking like it should have been on an episode of Hoarders or needed a do over by the Queens of Clean Kim & Aggi of How Clean Is Your House? (Anyone else love that show? THE BACTERIA THEY FOUND…OMGGGGGGG). My problem isn’t bacteria (I hope!) it’s just messy and unorganized and got to a point where I was like…fuck it i’ll do it next week…and next week..and next week. Eventually I gave in, got up early one morning with a mission in mind and this is how it was achieved.
I only bought a few things to try and get all my crap in check so this is also a budget friendly post! Yay!. First stop was Officeworks where I picked up the Keji 10 Drawer Chrome Trolley This cost me around $38 and I built it myself in around 20mins. I also bought the Keji 4 Drawer Storage Organizer in Clear RRP $14.92AUD This is a dupe (is dupe even a thing when it comes to storage?) for the clear boxes you see the Kardashian Klan (facepalm) use or can purchase for a gazillion dollars more online. I’m sure the ones online are a far superior quality plastic and have fancy knobs (lol!) but this is serving me well. You’ve probably seen it featured in my MakeUp Edit posts.
I then went to a local shopping centre and picked up a few more bits and bobs to help with my project. I purchased the two heart tins from Kmart for around $5 each. Perfect makeup brush holders! The pink boxes and the little clear box with dividers are all from Daiso for $2.80AUD each (I love that store, it’s like Aladdins cave). I’ve used the pink boxes on my desk for Empties (video coming soon!) and things I need to swatch/photograph for the blog & the little container with dividers is where I stash my cotton pads/tips etc.
So without further ado, and no judgement please! Here are some before & afters.
First up is my dressing table
My desk where I blog.. take photos & now do my filming in front of
There has also been another change here, the lamp, candles & pugs have been swapped to the other side with my pink drawers etc. If you watch my videos you may have already seen this. I just took these photos awhile ago. I probably should have moved those Converse but they are for a DIY project i’m working on ;).
So the new updated and more organized room is going swimmingly! I’ve managed to keep the mess/clutter down and put my makeup away diligently everyday. It also feels nicer sitting in here and blogging because everything has it’s place and working in a tidy environment is just always more productive I feel.
Hope you enjoyed this post, I love reading all things organization and highly recommend watching OrganizedLikeJen on YouTube for great decluttering ideas!


Straight into it this week because i’m watching Eurovision 😛

– Invisible Pug
– Props for a blog photo, fancy!
– Teppanyaki Flames
– Our Teppanyaki chef was a candy crush fan
– Shane has found a new home!
– Blogging on a Saturday night, so hardcore!
– Today was the RSPCA Million Paws Walk  If you have a pooch I highly recommend you try and do this in your area next year. Loads of fun!
– Hanging with my friend and her Bulldog at Million Paws Walk
– The girls were a bit pooped at the end
Ange and I hanging out watching Eurovision, happening right now!
On The Blog

Adore Beauty Samplers – Check these out, great value and a great way to try out some new things
Limited Edition Lush Scents – QUICK! This ends tonight, but boy that Creamy Candy smells gooooooood.
Random Thoughts

– Level 97 on Candy Crush Saga is ruining my life right now
– It’s Eurovision night! My usual country Latvia didn’t make it so going with Belarus this year.
– I made a mega fail last weekend thinking The Vampire Diaries was the finale, it was actually this weekend… GOTTA WATCH.
– The new Daft Punk album dropped, and I quite like it.
– A Day To Remember are touring….YES!


5 is my favourite number, fun fact!

– Making my awesome mushroom sauce to chuck on some Chicken. Soooo good. Does anyone else find cutting mushrooms therapeutic? 
– Painting mah nails and blogging, that’s what bloggers do right? 
– LOL! no words needed.
– I attended a Lush bloggers event on Wednesday, standing next to these soaps and later right next to Godmother soap (Snow Fairy scented!) made it very hard to concentrate but we learnt about the brand and their top selling products. I’m currently on a Lush Lovin’ train and don’t wanna get off!
– Mixing bath bombs like a cocktail, fun way to use up products 
Doin’ The Dip with my gal pals after the blogger event, okay so this was the Ribwich and was the best thing i’ve eaten in a long time…
– Lush Angels on Bare Skin, lucky enough to receive a new tub of this at the Lush event being an old favourite of mine I was stoked to bust it out and slap it on the face when I got home.
– Rimmel 60 Second Nail Polish in Sundowner – beautiful colour but I had a few issues with application… review to come!
– Friday Night Caramel Macchiato with friends, when the question after dinner is Starbucks? my answer is always a huge… YES!
– Another round of Mini Golf on saturday night, we are currently doing a mini golf tour of Sydney it seems.. any recommendations for courses? 
– Sometimes i’m a mean mama
– Then I wear a jumper showing my love for my dog, only fair I show this one since I shared the pug one last week. Speaking of the pug she hasn’t been featuring in photos as much because it’s been too dark and she doesn’t do well in low light situations.
On The Blog

Not a lot of posting went down this week, I am currently uploading a new video but bloody hell YouTube is so slow!
Manicure Monday with Nude & Bronze – I loved this manicure, i’m having quite a moment with nudes and glitter gradients. Nice way to keep it work appropriate and have a bit of a sparkle.
April 2013 Favourites – Simply put, the things I loved in April.
Random Thoughts

– It’s mothers day today, so big Happy Mothers Day out there to all the mums, and especially my mum who is completely 100% awesome! Mum and I spent the day laying around in my lounge room watching Arrow, this photo should get you interested.
Source: imdb.com
– Cadbury Marvellous Creations have 2 new flavours out and I feel like this should be a public announcement.
– PMS sucks
RSPCA Million Paws Walk is on next weekend, if you have a pooch or are interested in just going along (I think you can walk an RSPCA pooch if you don’t have your own) it’s a fun day out 
– The Vampire Diaries finale was on this week, I was underwhelmed, the death was sort of meh in my opinion because I don’t think it will really end up as a permanent thing. I don’t want to say to much if people haven’t watched it…. Looking forward to Pretty Little Liars return though!
– I want a light blue blazer like the one here on Buy Now, Blog Later
– I loved this post by Zoe Foster on how to pronounce beauty brand names – so helpful!
Let me leave you with this gem that Jess from The Belle Lumiere posted on her blog earlier and I was in stitches watching this.


I can’t get over the fact it’s May.. when did that happen?

Anyway, this is what went on in my week this week. Enjoy!

  • I attended the launch of the new Illamasqua Collection called “Paranormal”. This collection has some really cool unusual (typical Illamasqua) products including these UV Nail Polishes that glow under UV lights!
  • I am not one for accessorising but decided to give it a whirl with a necklace I bought not long ago from Equip. Also proud of my contouring that day! I’m getting better.
  • Dinner at the pub on a Thursday night is pretty much a ritual for S and I, The specials listed tacos so it was a no brainer as to what I was ordering. I had mexican 3 times this week..swear i’m not an addict.
  • After dinner we hit up Mars Hill Cafe for a warm caffinated beverage, my choice was the Caramilla which I should have remembered comes with cream, this photo is taken pre carnage of me taking the cream off and putting it on S’s drink. I don’t like cream.
  • Homemade Sausage Roll & Beans was my pick for lunch in the Blue Mountains, this was absolutely delicious!
  • ERMAHGAHD PULLED PORK! My friends and I have been keen to try the new Memphis BBQ Pit in Penrith and ventured out last night, the pulled pork and macaroni and cheese was amazing! After this we played a round of mini golf, so much fun!
  • Priceline stalking finally pays off and i found the entire range of the new Face of Australia Glitterati nail polishes, I only picked up 2 but i’m happy with my choices.
  • Hanging out on a Sunday afternoon watching tv with the Boston Terrier asleep on me, she snores quite loud so I had to turn the volume up.
  • This is weird because this is what i’m doing now, editing videos I filmed today and writing this blog post. 
On The Blog

Manicure Monday Swatching Illamasqua Rubber Brights – I usually blog my nail look for the week but I had a couple of polishes I needed to swatch from this new range so something a little different this week. These are so bright! I love the shade Nurture!
Video: Get Ready With Me – I’m *trying* to get one video out a week, at least! I love watching Get Ready With Me videos and they are fun to do. This was the daytime look I did for the wedding I attended last week. I had to speed it up a fair bit otherwise you would have been watching me apply makeup for 23mins… overkill!
Maybelline Baby Lips in Berry Crush & Cherry Kiss – This has been sitting in my draft folder for weeks so I thought it was about time to press “publish”. These are affordable and work really well for hydrating the lips. They also smell good and are slightly tinted… win win win.
Random Thoughts

  • I already mentioned the fact that it blows my mind that it’s May…. I am really enjoying the cooler nights though!
  • I need to invest in a king size quilt, we got a Queen bed last year and I always like going the size up in quilts to avoid quilt hoggage. I’m going to have to start looking for something.
  • I saw Iron Man 3 on the weekend and really enjoyed it.. I don’t think I saw Iron Man 2 but that didn’t seem to matter too much.
  • Candy Crush saga is still taking over my life, I’m not as bad as I was but I still play it at least twice a day and this is a lot for someone who gets over games within days.
Here are a couple of songs I’ve been enjoying.

Have a good week ahead everyone! 🙂


It’s the end of another week, I was lucky enough to have a 4 day weekend being able to take the Friday off after Anzac day so I was quite active on Instagram this week! 

Penny Lane was quite the #instadog this week, she had a few new jumpers come in the post that i’d ordered including the absolutely adorable Bunny hoodie… I call her Bunny so it is perfection.
– Brunch @ Circa Espresso on Anzac Day, it was quite warm so this iced tea was just what was needed.
– Found the new Essence collection at my local Target, the stand had been raided but I managed to pick up this blush.
– Baking! I wonder what it could be…. 
– If you guessed Anzac Biscuits, you’d be dead on.. Chewy deliciousness!
– Wearing my pug that doesn’t really look like a pug jumper
– Annual leave days with scrambled eggs & The Carrie Diaries before my hair appointment
– Friday nights out with friends and their dogs! What a cute group 🙂 (my 2 are in the middle)
– Makeup for a very special occasion, I went with false lashes again and if I could be assed i’d wear them more often! They make such a difference.
– My gorgeous friend Michelle got married! I was lucky enough to get to share her special day with her and her new husband.. that’s sounds weird right Chelle? 🙂
– Much needed Sunday Big Breakfast and a delicious Caramel Latte..mmm mmm mmm
On The Blog

I was pretty excited to wake up to a tweet on Saturday Morning that my blog had been featured on Primped’s Beauty Blogosphere Goss this week. Yay!
Blog posts from this week –
Nail Stuff I Like – Nail tools and nail care items that I enjoy using, in lieu of Manicure Monday this week.
Beauty Things I Suck At – A tag video doing the rounds on YouTube, I love watching these and decided to give it a shot!
Random Thoughts

– Keeping in with the theme of lasts weeks first random thought… My Kitchen Rules! I am so happy with the outcome! Dan & Steph are so deserving of the win!
– I’m 3 episodes behind on The Vampire Diaries, this is usually unheard of for me. I’m not really feeling it as much this season.. I’ve heard the last few eps have been good so hopefully it will reel me in again. I still think Stefan or Damon will take the cure and become human, unless this has happened already!
– Currently obsessed with the new Fall Out Boy album, I think i’ve listened to it countless times over the past week. 
– I can’t wait to try the new Face of Australia glitter polishes, so many pretty ones!! I keep stalking my local Priceline but no bueno.
Source – Tumblr…great for all Ian Somerhalder goodness! 
I hope everyone has had a good week!