These babies (lol!) have been out for awhile now but I only recently decided to hit up my local Priceline and grab a couple. I chose Berry Crush & Cherry Kiss (Which I keep writing down as Coral Kiss… it looks more coral right?).

Moisturising with a slight hint of colour, these are my new go-to balms for on the go (or in the case of Berry Crush on my desk at work).

What’s even better is they only retail for RRP $3.95AUD.
As you can probably see Berry Crush is the more pigmented of the 2 colours, but Cherry Kiss gives a nice flush of coral to the lip without being too over the top. Plus it’s a winner if you don’t have a mirror handy so if you go “outside the lines” people will be none the wiser.
The scent isn’t over bearing either, just a sweet fruit scent that doesn’t linger around too long.