A couple of weekends ago I was lucky enough to attend the Sydney Beauty Expo, this is an expo for those working in the beauty industry like salon owners etc. There are loads of informative talks, seminars and new release products to check out. There are also a lot of products for sale at a reduced price (think IMATS but with a whole lot more skincare, nails etc). I’ve attended the past few years and it’s always a great day out.

This year I only bought a couple of items, I had really only one thing on my wishlist to get and that was a Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick, so much so that I spent an hour in the morning watching swatch videos on YouTube trying to decide which colour to pick. I’d settled on Celebrity Skin (a darker nude, brown colour with a little bit of peach in it. Also a great song by Hole). We found them at the ModelRock Lashes stand and the kicker was they were selling them for $27AUD (They sell for $28 on their website for your reference) and had no testers… UGH! After a bit of deliberation with Ange and finally deciding that yes we would buy one each, I got Celebrity Skin. I also picked up a few pairs of lashes which were down to $3.95AUD each and one set was only $1.95AUD plus a tiny tube of lash glue. I’m really wanting to try this whole lash thing again.



Isn’t the colour stunning, I love it! The formula is also great and it lasts really well on the lips. I’m keen to get my hands on some more of these (I’m thinking IMATS LA).

Then we hit up the Girlee Cosmetics stand and decided to make a 4 pan palette ($25AUD). I’ve made one of these previously and have some swatches etc in this post here from IMATS 2012. I’ve really been into the warmer shaded shadows of late and the colours I chose in the palette really reflect this, I haven’t had a chance to wear these shades yet but going off experience from my other Girlee Cosmetics shadows they are fantastically pigmented, smooth and easy to blend.


Shades from Top Left to Bottom Right – Copper Penny, Root Beer (Matte), Gold Bronze & Honey Glow


I’m so pleased with my choices and can’t wait to have a play around with some eye looks with them, I even think I could also use Honey Glow as a highlighter.

Looking forward to hitting up the expo again next year and seeing what I come home with!

I was provided with a media pass to attend this expo.

Contouring, Strobing, Kim K’ing… It’s the makeup “thing” people are doing. Most brands have gotten on board and bought out their own versions of the Contour Kits. Providing you a few shades of highlight and contour shades to get your face looking slimmer, highlighted and Instagrammable.

2 of my favourite budget brands have bought out their own versions and of course I’ve snapped up both of them. I remember the hype surrounding the Australis AC On Tour (get it… A Contour… lol) kit when it first hit the shelves, it was an instant sell-out and finding it was like finding gold at the end of a rainbow. Eventually I managed to get my hands on one in the 2nd round of restocks :). Recently Models Prefer have bought out their version, with mirror (yes it’s bolded on the front of the packaging) again, I needed this even though I had the Australis version.

A week after I filmed this, Australis repackaged the original version of the kit with 2 new shades medium & dark (and added a mirror). The one I’ve got is still available but it is now the Light shade of the kits.

In my video I compare them and do swatch comparisons of the shades, yes they are actually different and let you know which one I like the best. Feel free to Subscribe, Like all that good stuff 🙂

I would love to know if you’ve tried these and if you have a preference?

Both of these kits are available at Priceline and are priced at $16.95AUD




I’ll start with the Essence Longlasting Lipstick in Come Naturally (available from Priceline & Target for a mere $4.70). I think this may be a limited edition shade but if you scavenge through your local Essence stands you may find one. The shade is one of those soft greigey, mauvey shades that are quite on trend at the moment. The formula is a satin finish and feels hydrating on the lips. I don’t think i’d really call it longlasting but for a lipstick under $5 it does a pretty good job.

After wearing it a few times I thought to myself how amazing would this be as a matte lipstick, so I went about and did a little research on how to transform a lipstick into a matte shade. I then stumbled across the Australis Matte Me Mattifying Lipstick Base (RRP $12.95AUD), I’d seen this in store before and really not given it a second thought, big mistake HUGE. This is awesome, you simply pop this over your lips to matte them out and then apply any lipstick on top and it turns them matte. What is this trickery?


A couple of things to note though – you can do this same thing with baby powder, and i’m pretty sure that is one of the main ingredients in this lipstick, I just think it’s just easier to pop this on the lips underneath the shade you want to matte out. It does also lighten the colour slightly, as well as being slightly drying so make sure before you use it you’ve prepped your lips. The wear time also isn’t as great as from the bullet matte lipsticks, and it doesn’t really work too well with lipsticks that have a glossy/high shine finish, satin formulas seem to work the best.

All these things aside though, this is for sure a game changer!

I’ve also put a couple of swatches of it using some other lipsticks in my collection so you can see what I mean by it working more so for lipsticks with a satin finish. The first lipstick swatch is straight from the bullet, the 2nd swatch is with the Australis Matte Me Mattifying Lipstick Base underneath. From the left the shades used were Essence Longlasting Lipstick in Come Naturally, Face of Australia Lipstick in Malibu Barbie & Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter in Sweet Tart.


I can’t wait to try this with so many more of my lipsticks! Have you tried it and it worked amazing with any colours? Let me know!


I own countless neutral eyeshadow palettes and honestly did not need to add anymore to my collection, however when I saw these posted on Instagram I suddenly became obsessed with trying to track them down and buy them. Instagram can be an evil enabler at times.

I’d never tried any of the Chi Chi Glamorous Eye Palettes and I’ve seen some great reviews on them. They have a bunch of different types ranging from brights to neutrals and in between so there is really something for everyone. I’ve always found myself at Target swatching them but never actually buying one (or two) until now.

The palettes do live up to the hype, the majority of the shades are super pigmented, easy to blend and wear really well (with an eyeshadow primer, I haven’t tried them without one because eyeshadow primer is my security blanket). There are a few shades that are duds but for $22.95AUD a piece for 12 shades you can’t expect them all to be winners.

Also, in all honesty you don’t really need both of these palettes as I think some of the shades are doubled up. I think this is throughout the Chi Chi range as well so if you already own some of their palettes just compare and make sure you don’t already have the majority of the shades.

I clearly need spell check on my graphics editing products as well… Oops!

Chi Chi Glamorous Eyes Palette - Mochas

Chi Chi Glamorous Eyes Palette in Mochas feature a mix of finishes from matte to shimmery, the shades lean more towards the warm side with a few almost burgandy shades. I got this because those colours tend to look great on blue eyes. So fellow blue eyed folk  this is the one you want to look at. My main gripe with this palette is that there isn’t a mid toned shimmery brown shade they are either highlight shades or quite dark shades which makes it hard to pick a good daytime colour (unless you go for the matte shades). The 6th colour along (the rusty shade) is definitely my favourite and I have been wearing that a lot at night over the lid with a medium matte brown blended into the crease.

Chi Chi Glamorous Eyes Palette - Mattes 2

Chi Chi Glamorous Eyes Palette in Mattes 2 as the name suggests this is the 2nd offering of a matte palette by Chi Chi. I have seen and swatched the first but it just didn’t pull me in like this one has. As you can see one side features 6 warm toned neutral matte shades and the other features 6 cool toned neutral matte shades. HALLELUJAH! I have been after something like this for ages, and have contemplated buying both Naked Basics to get the same thing. This is the perfect palette to compliment other shadows as well, particularly if you are looking for a transition shade from a shimmery shadow. I have gotten a lot of use already out of this palette and it’s fast becoming my daytime go-to palette. I’ve found all the shades that i’ve used so far easy to blend. Some of them look a bit patchy in my swatches about but with a brush they blend out nicely.

I highly recommend this palette to everyone… seriously.

As mentioned above these palettes retail for $22.95AUD and you can purchase them from Target or Myer. Don’t be like me though and pay full price, wait for a sale.



I recently picked up the L’Oreal Infallible 24 Hour Matte Foundation (named the L’Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Foundation in other countries).

This wasn’t due for release in Australia until July but Target were a little sneaky and had stock out. I’d seen great reviews on YouTube about this foundation and even though it’s not targeted at my skin type thought I might give it a try. The foundation retails in Australia for $29.95 and you get 35ml of product for that (pretty good considering most foundations are only 30ml).

See my video below to see what I thought about the foundation –