I picked this little gem up after I saw Bestival Blue on my girl Ange’s nails and needed it in my life, since it was 50% off Rimmel @ Priceline I felt it was my duty to pick up another colour and this is the shade I chose.

I only have a few of the Rimmel 60 Second Nail Polishes in my collection but I think I need to add more, not only do they bring out cool shades (like this beauty) but they are an absolute dream to apply, the brush is slightly bigger and flatter then a regular ol’ nail brush and it does the job quickly (especially on my freakishly small nails). Go Wild-Er-Ness is a 2 coat wonder, and the colour…wow. It’s a bright lilac shade that I think can be worn all year round, I mean see it paired with grey? Amazing!.

Wear time is also great, with my usual armour of Orly Bonder Base Coat and Seche Vite Top Coat I got a weeks wear with minimal tip wear. I actually am still wearing this shade 2 weeks later, let’s just say it’s not looking quite as good and i’m clearly very lazy this week.

There are actually a few other shades in this small Rita Ora collaboration collection that I wouldn’t mind picking up, so eyes peeled for more discounts! Although, full price these are a measly $5.95AUD. Get on it.


Australis Nail Colour Friend Like MeI haven’t bought myself a nail polish in ages! I did a huge cull last year and then kind of got over buying all the new shades that came out. The other day Big W had a bit of a sale on Australis goodies and this nail polish shade just stood out to me. The shade is called Friend Like Me (awwwww!).

I thought it was part of a new collection but apparently it’s just one of their regular range, I actually showed my friend Ange and she said she had it and I had even commented on her nails awhile ago when she was wearing it. I call that subconscious purchasing.

The colour is stunning, a gorgeous pastel blue that has a hint of brightness to it.

Let’s talk application, wear and all the technical details you generally want in a nail polish review. Application was pretty good, this is a definite 2 coater though, one just doesn’t cut it. Wear for me has been good I applied this Sunday and today is Friday and it’s still on my nails, I have got a little bit of tip wear on my other hand but I think that is due to me being impatient and not waiting for my nails to fully dry before I went about my day. FYI – I use the Orly Bonder Base Coat & Seche Vite top coat for all of my nail polish applications.

I’m keen to check out the Autumn collection that Australis has recently released, it looks like there are some pretty colours in there. Uh oh… the nail polish obsession could be coming back.




So you’ve treated yourself to some snazzy gel nails and they’ve been living on your nails for a few weeks and starting to look a little manky. You can go back to your nail tech and pay them to remove the polish for you or you can try this at home method using things you most likely already have lying around.

Backstory time – I’m not a huge fan of getting anything other than regular nail polish on my fingernails, years of acrylics turned them into a mess and it took me a long time to get them strong and looking nice again. However, for the wedding I decided I needed something with a bit of longevity, I’d be getting my hands dirty setting everything up and after this type of work my nails would generally be chip city so I decided to get a shellac manicure. Where you see the nails below was at the almost 4 week mark and they were ready to be removed.

Side Note: I actually always get my toes done in shellac when I get a pedicure but the nail tech removes them for me before they do my pedi.

This method also works for removing pesky glitter polish as well.

shellac-gel-nailsYou’ll need the following items to remove the polish –

  • Pure Acetone (I buy 1L bottles of this from Bunnings for around $10 and then decant it into a smaller container).
  • Aluminium Foil
  • Cotton Wool or Cotton Pads
  • Cuticle stick

step1-aceton-gel-shellac-nailsStep 1 – Cover cotton ball in acetone. Make sure you get a good amount of aceton on the cotton ball, it needs to cover the nail completely.

aluminium-foil-gel-shellac-nailsStep 2 – Put the acetone soaked cotton ball on your nail and then cover your nail in the aluminium foil. I cut long pieces so I can wrap it around and try and pinch it at the bottom so it stays put.

step23-al-foil-shellac-gel-nailsStep 3 – The longer you leave it the better, but just remember acetone isn’t fantastic for the skin around your nails so you’ll end up a bit dry and will need a good handcream application at the end. I usually watch a couple of YouTube videos or scare my dogs with my weird looking fingers.

step4-shellac-gel-removalStep 4 – The acetone on cotton bud won’t alone remove all of the polish so you’ll need to carefully use your cuticle stick to remove any left over polish. The polish will have softened so it’s quite easy to do but does require a little bit of elbow grease. This is oddly satisfying like ripping off a Biore Nose Strip or something.

step5-shellac-gel-removal-revitanail-orlyStep 5 – Now the polish has been removed, your nails are going to be hating you right now. Give them a little TLC and add a good strengthening treatment. I went with 2, I first added the Revitanail Keratin Strengthening Treatment to all of my nails and followed it up with a coat of Orly Nail Defense.

Try and keep up the TLC for a week or so after to get the nail beds back to a happy state.

gel-shellac-removal-finishedThere you have it, the polish has been removed. My nails are not in the greatest condition and i’m going to stop myself from adding any polish for a week or so and just continue with the strengthening products.



I’ve never really been into the whole gel polish trend, waiting for my nails to dry under a lamp is totally not my scene. I like my nails done and dusted as quickly as possible.

However, when I got the chance to try this new system by Sally Hansen I jumped at the chance. With no lamp needed the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel system is a 2 step process with your colour and a top coat which you just let dry naturally (and it doesn’t even take that long to dry).

I’ve tried quite a few colours in this range including the one above named Shock Wave (what a gorgeous pink!) and I’ve been getting at least a week with zero to minimal chipping, only slight tip wear on occasion. Such a good option for those of us who are too busy to do our nails a few times a week.

I will say though that I did find I needed to give my nails a break from using this polish for awhile, I was using it everytime I did my nails and noticed my nails starting to peel and just look unhealthy. So I do suggest maybe using the set, then give your nails a break and do a series of treatments like I did. I also found if you use something underneath the colour like a base coat or treatment the staying power wasn’t as good.

You can buy these in a starter kit with the Top Coat and a colour for around $19.95AUD or you can purchase them separately for $16.95AUD. I always see them on special at Priceline or Chemist Warehouse and have picked up a few extra colours when they’ve been reduced. I have my eye on Tidal Wave next 🙂

Product was provided for my consideration, please read my disclosure policy for further details.


essie after school boy blazer

I recently took advantage of one of OzSales many Essie sales they seem to have (full size polishes for $5.00AUD).

In my little Essie order I picked up After School Boy Blazer which i’m pretty sure is from a Autumn collection in 2013. It’s Navy, almost black… Could we call it Blavy? lol! This “Blavy” shade applied amazingly to my nails, I was in a bit of a rush so only did one coat. You’ll see I probably could have done with 2 to even things up but the coat I did do was quite opaque, something i’m not really used to from my other Essie shades.

Now onto the amazing base coat, I’ve had Orly Bonder* sitting in my stash for quite some time. My nails have been shit lately with ridges, peeling and all those attractive things that make polishes look gross. I figured I better start looking after them a bit more and decided to finally try out this base coat.


I am honestly getting 5 days out of my mani’s with minimal tip wear; this stuff just makes your polish stick. It’s brilliant. LOVE!

On a side note – I’m thinking of trying Revitanail to revive my nails, anyone used this or have any other recommendations?

*Orly Bonder was provided for my consideration, please read my disclosure policy for further details.