Manicure Monday Festive Series* Festive Manicure Series will be live every Monday* week in December. Simple and easy looks to get you through the festive season… by someone who isn’t that great at nail art! Enjoy! 

*Yep, failed after the first week! So have decided to change this to just a Festive Manicure Series which could come to you ANYDAY during the week. This time of year is nuts.. sticking to a schedule, not possible! <3 Onto this weeks Festive Mani!


I just really wanted an excuse to use my new white polish – Cult Nails Tempest (Massive thank you to Chelle for adding this to her order for me…xx).

While we definitely don’t celebrate a “White Christmas” in Australia… I wish we did! I kind of went with that theme for this look. An easy glitter gradient is always an effective look, and one of my fave sparklies to use for a gradient manicure is easily China Glaze Nova… Super glittery with a bit of a holo effect.

You can pick up Cult Nails from the website and China Glaze is available from selected salons or online at Crush Cosmetics in Australia.


Manicure Monday Festive Series will be live every Monday in December. Simple and easy looks to get you through the festive season… by someone who isn’t that great at nail art! Enjoy!


Ahhh So I decided to do a “series” on the blog and here is the first part. I enjoy painting my nails…all the time, but especially in the festive season because I can go a little glitter crazy. So I thought each Monday through December I would bring you a festive nail look that you can easily try yourself, or just look at. Whichever floats your boat.

Look #1 is super easy, just using 2 colours. I’ve been wanting to pair the Face of Australia Midnight Fireworks (from the current Carnivale collection) with a nude since I got it so that’s where I got the idea for this first look. The other great thing is this is a combo you can easily wear into the office because the glitter isn’t too obvious.

All I did was paint all my nails nude with Covergirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Polish in Always Naked and waited for it to try before placing some tape to make a crisp diagonal section (you could do this free hand but i’m not that steady handed). I then carefully painted Face of Australia Midnight Fireworks on the tip. Removed the tape and added a top coat. SIMPLE! This idea can be used with so many different colours and textures, and best of all… It’s pretty fool proof. Enjoy!


foacarnivaleI’ll be honest, I wasn’t going to bother with this collection but then a Saturday in Priceline with an urge to buy something and not too many new releases saw me pick up 2 polishes from this new collection. My main reason? I’m not a huge fan of the whole textured nail polish trend… I think sometimes it looks okay but other times your nails look diseased (yep I’m weird like that).

I chose the glitter shades of Midnight Fireworks (gold with a tonne of glitter including tiny silver glitters) & Ferris Wheel (a gorgeous blue with small silver glitters throughout). FYI I did put a coat of top coat on and that made no difference to the effect (Honestly, my dinner was ready and I needed these babies to dry before my HANGRY-NESS took over).

Sooooo basically i’m throwing my hands in the air and admitting defeat because I kinda love these! While they have that gritty texture that i’m not a fan of the effect on these is actually sort of awesome. In the sunlight they glitter like a mofo and I wish I had timed my photos better and gotten pics of that but trust me, they look amazing in the sunlight.

Also another shocking point to note is that I am kind of digging the gold shade, never ever in my life have I been a gold nail polish kinda gal but I can see this one gracing my fingers for the upcoming festive mani season.

Did you notice the bottles are different to the rest of Face of Australias polish offerings? They do look eerily similar to the Picture Polish bottles but hey, a change is as good as a holiday and with FOA not wowing me of late with their releases these newly designed and very on trend polishes are a welcomed addition to my stash.

You can find Face Of Australia at Priceline, Kmart & Big W and these polishes are available for RRP $5.95AUD. BARGAIN!

If you want to see swatches of the entire collection check out the post my lovely friend Chelle did for the Face Of Australia Blog 🙂


Oh how I love a good play on words, almost as much as I loved a themed manicure!

This blood splatter manicure is by no means an original idea, I’ve seen tons of versions of this around the web but it looked like a bit of fun and something I thought I could do (with my limited nail art skills) & with Halloween approaching what better time to do it.

See below the picture for a step by step on how to achieve this messy look.


You will need –

– Base Polish (I used white in this instance)

– Colours to use for the “splatter” effect. For blood I recommend 2 shades (or more) of red if you can manage it.

– Straws, I used 1 straw and cut it in half for the two colours

– Acetone, this shit gets messy… Like my giant bottle of acetone? Bunnings has proved to be good for something!

– Sticky Tape – To put on the skin around your nails for added protection from the “splatter”.

First up your going to need to prep your nails, because this is really messy I put sticky tape around the skin around my nails to protect them from the “blood splatters”. Also make sure the area you are working in is completely covered in paper towel/something to protect the area you are working because just like it looks, this can get messy.

To get a blood splatter effect I started with a white base so the “blood” would really pop. For the white base I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in White On. I then used 2 reds for the blood – a lighter red for “fresher” looking blood and the shade I used was OPI Red My Fortune Cookie. For the darker “dried” blood I used Essence Do You Speak Love? (lame name… ).

I made sure the base was completely dry before I took the lids off my reds and dipped the straw in, I found submerging the straw right to the bottom of the bottle gave the best “splatter” effect. I then blew into the straw in short breaths to get the polish to splatter out. I had trouble a few times and thought geez I need to build my oxygen levels.

I then used a makeup brush and some acetone to clean up around the areas that still managed to get splattered on my skin (you can still see some staining on my picture above).

You can use this method will all sorts of colour combinations, I’m seeing a white base with neon splatters in my future!

To see this in action, there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube. I like this one



manimondayhiphopFirst and foremost at the moment Chemist Warehouse are having a 1/2 price sale on cosmetics! I believe this runs until the 26th of September so if there is anything on your wish list it’s a good time to stock up!

This polish was on my wish list and while I love the many orange based reds can 1 girl have? The formula is nice and would be a 1 coater but as always I like my 2 coats (it’s kind of like a security blanket). The one thing that bugs me is the brush size, it’s a little too big. For most people this would be okay but I have small nails and struggled with this brush and my pinky fingernail :).

You can pick up these polishes at your usual Rimmel outlets – Priceline, Department Stores, Pharmacies and Supermarkets and it retails for RRP $8.95 making it the highest priced polish in the Rimmel range.