manimonday22july2013I am absolutely loving the Color Club polishes I recently picked up and this hot neon pink shade Warhol is no exception. My previous bad experiences I had with Color Club are long forgotten, this polish applied beautifully and the colour is amazing. My pictures don’t give the neonness (sp?) of this shade justice. I also think the addition of Ulta3 Stop The Press gives this mani an almost 80’s feel. These black and white glitter topcoats are the current “thing” and the Ulta3 version is a cheap alternative. Stay tuned as I will be featuring the entire collection that this polish comes from in the next week or so!

I picked up Color Club from Pro Nail in Bankstown and this is a mini polish that cost $4.00AUD. Ulta3 is available from pharmacies and retails at $2.00AUD per bottle.

I’d call this a bargain mani!

Product Disclosure: The Ulta3 polish was sent to me for my consideration, please read my disclosure policy for further details.




Picture Polish is an Australian owned nail polish brand and one of their unique features is that they do collaborations with well known nail bloggers. When I found out Chelle from Cosmetic Cupcake was releasing a collaboration with them I knew I had to own it!

When I saw pictures I knew it was Chelle all over 🙂 A milky light pink base suspended with purple,  pink and silver glitters and the little surprise of iridescent hearts throughout (A first for Picture Polish). In terms of application I had a little trouble getting the hearts out and onto my nails evenly but I found the more I used the polish the more hearts I did get; Hence why i’ve used my non swatching hand in these photos. This polish requires at least 2 coats and you could swing 3 but it might get a little too thick, or as I’ve done previously one coat over a basic white base to keep it thin.

If you’ve seen Nails Inc Sprinkles, I did a review on one of those polishes Here! This is a great alternative and almost half the price.

You can purchase Frosting by Cosmetic Cupcake from the Picture Polish website for RRP $12.00AUD.

You can also check out the much better quality swatches on the website by the lady herself.. Clicky Click Click

*This product was purchased by me, I haven’t even been bribed with Chai Lattes by Chelle to write a review on this polish 😛

UV??? Yep that’s right this polish will glow in the dark! I wish I had a UV light to show the effect & i’m a little old now for the UV lights at a club (totally not my scene anyway!) so for now you’ll just have to trust me. It glows!
Other then that the colour is pretty unique. Well to my collection anyway! Kind of a bright violet shade but with a slight silver shimmer running through. Let’s just say this was a bi-atch to photograph but to apply it was a dream. One coat would have been sufficient but i’m a two coat gal and that’s what you’re seeing here.
The finish is actually rather matte, if you can see (again shitty photography aside). I’ve popped a top coat on the first 2 nails and left the other 2 without it. I actually like this polish both ways! It almost looks as if it is textured without having that weird growth look that textured nail polishes seem to have (anyone else agree?).
The Paranormal collection is on shelves now at selected Myer stores with an Illamasqua counter and this polish retails for RRP $22.50AUD.
*This product was provided for my consideration, please see my disclosure policy for further details.


I got this polish on sale at the Chemist Warehouse 1/2 price sale, it retails for $5.95AUD but I paid a measly $2.97. Woo Woo. This is my first polish from the Maybelline Color Show range and from the selection they had was the only colour I was really interested in trying out.
I kept thinking to myself that I was sure I already owned a Maybelline product called Audacious Asphalt and I found that was the name of the grey Maybelline Color Tattoo I own… come on Maybelline surely your marketing team could have come up with a different name? 
Anyway enough about the name, let’s talk about the actual polish! This applied okay… The first coat was quite streaky but it evened itself out by the 2nd coat and a slick of Seche Vite also helped along any streaking issues I may have had. The shade Audacious Asphalt is a light cool grey which I think brings out the redness in my skin but is nonetheless quite pretty. I wear quite a lot of grey clothes to work and I think this colour while being a little “different” is also work appropriate.
I’m glad I picked up this colour, and for a discount! I think if there are other colours that are released that are unique I would get them, but I don’t think I’d go and buy every shade available. My pick for best drugstore nail polish is still the Covergirl Outlast Nail Lacquers which I have previously reviewed & looooooooooove!


I purchased this nail polish after seeing Vivianna Does Makeup feature it on her YouTube & Blog. 

I’d never tried any Rimmel polishes before so the formula’s are completely foreign to me! The Rimmel 60 Second Nail Polish RRP $7.95AUD boasts a quick dry time of 60 seconds which is a bit of a selling point for someone like me who paints their nails and can’t sit still long enough for them to dry.
Sun Downer is a red which leans very orange and I think it’s quite beautiful. Application… this is where it gets a little hairy. The first time I applied this I was about ready to throw it in the bin, to be fair to the polish I was applying it in low light and in a rush as usual. The formula is quite thin so when I first applied it I found it a streaky sheer mess (this is after 2 coats). I also don’t believe that it dried in 60 seconds…sorry!
However! With a little more patience when I did these swatch photos I made this work a little better for me. On close inspection there is still VNL (visible nail line) but it’s not too much of a bother for me. I also used my holy grail topcoat Seche Vite this time around and it made such a difference, smoothed and evened out the colour on the nail.
Something else I originally loathed but now kinda like is the large brush. You see I have small fingernails (I used to always get giggles from the girls in the nail salon when I had acrylics). So I find some big brushes a bit difficult to work with on my small nail beds. Again with a bit of time and care this worked out well and I only needed 1 swipe on my pinky nail (yep, they’re that small!)
I want to try out the other Rimmel London polish formulas because I have heard great things, if you have any rec’s of colours i’d love to know!