This is the manicure I wore to match a dress but silly me forgot to take a photo of the manicure with the dress like I was planning… my forgetfulness aside this is a great combo!

I initially tried the Orly Watch It Glitter* shade over Covergirl Outlast Nail Polish Always Naked but I found Always Naked leaned a little more to the brown side of nude, so out came my new unsung hero OPI Samoan Sand because I feel it leans a little more pink so works so much better with the Bronze almost Rose Gold in Orly Watch It Glitter.
I decided to do a gradient from the top of the nail towards the tip, this certainly isn’t a great version of a gradient but at the end of the day it makes taking off glitter that teensy bit easier.

Wear on this look was great! I got almost a week out of it with just tip wear.

How beautiful is Watch It Glitter! 

You can purchase OPI from Ry & Adore Beauty for RRP $19.95AUD & Orly from their Online Store for RRP $18.95AUD

*This product was provided for my consideration, please read my disclosure policy for more information.


Something slightly different for this weeks Manicure Monday, I’m showing you some swatches of some new polishes recently released by one of my favourite makeup brands Illamasqua.
The Rubber Brights range is a new addition with the finish being a matte rubber like finish which is inspired by the dominatrix rubber boot girls of the 1920’s. I first saw this finish in the Theatre of the Nameless collection which I previously reviewed.
If you know me and know my blog, you will know that I loooove brights, be it nails or lips i’m all over it! So I was super excited to see that I had received the shades Nurture (bright green) & Serenity (turquoise blue). These shades are so up my alley.
I’ve swatched them below without a topcoat and with a topcoat so you can see the difference, I actually like them both ways and think you could do some fun nail art by just playing with a top coat on these polishes.
Maybe not the best colours going into the cooler months, but I kind of like rocking a bright nail in the colder months.
You can purchase Illamasqua from major Myer centres in Australia or online and these polishes will set you back RRP $21.00AUD (Thanks again for the amazing price drop Illamasqua!).
Disclosure Policy: These products were provided for my consideration, honesty as always.  For further information please read my full disclosure policy.


Wow, very creative with the title of this one! Since I didn’t do a Manicure Monday post yesterday I thought i’d do a Tool Tuesday, then I realised how lame that sounded and just decided to let you know a few things I enjoy using to prep my hands and nails for impending polish doom…well not doom.
Soap & Glory Hand Food – RRP $11.95AUD – This is a new addition and has just topped my list of favourite hand creams, it sinks into the skin nicely and smells incredible (Miss Dior Cherie anyone?). I pop this onto my hands every night before bed and though I can’t say i’ve noticed a dramatic difference in my hands/nails it’s become one of my favourite nightly rituals.

Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream – RRP $14.95AUD – I go between this and Lush’s Lemony Flutter Cuticle butter because I feel they are very similar, and both amazing. The one I have is just a little sample size but I have used the full size and finished it before. It smells like lemon pie and is so nourishing on the cuticles. A must for me since I don’t really look after my nails as I should.
Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat – RRP $14.95AUD  – I’m pretty sure this is my most mentioned product on my blog but I absolutely love it! It’s a bugger to try and get in Australia and the only local online stockist I could find was Crush Cosmetics. I buy mine from a nail supply store in Sydney. I live for this stuff, it dries my polish super fast and provides a great shine. People have mentioned shrinkage with it but it’s not something i’ve really experienced/bothered me at all. There is one downfall…see next product.
Seche Vite Restore – RRP $13.95AUD – A must buy if you use Seche Vite Top Coat, as the product will get really thick and gluggy halfway through the bottle. This is a general nail polish thinner so will work with all your thickened polishes. 
Nail File – Okay so I don’t have a holy grail, I do want a glass file though and maybe then i’ll love my nail file. I just use what I have but they are essential!
EcoTools Recycled Stainless Steel Nail Care Set – RRP $24.95AUD – I’ve had this little set for years and never had a problem with the tools breaking or going blunt. The tools I use the most are the hang nail clippers (I don’t know the official name…cuticle cutters?) and nail scissors. Highly recommend this set if your just getting into looking after your nails because it contains everything you need. Pretty impressive EcoTools!
My nail routine is pretty basic but these are the things I use constantly to keep my nails in some sort of presentable shape, I don’t actually use base coats…though I should. I’ve just never had any success with them. Can anyone recommend me one?