Does anyone else sometimes love going to Kmart late at night and picking out random things to buy? This purchase was a product of one of those adventures along with an amazing pair of boots for $20 (I think i’ll do a post about these since they are so good!).

I actually can’t remember the last time I gave myself a bit of a pamper and did a face mask, so when I saw these at Kmart and at $3 a pop I thought it was time to go and pamper myself #treatyoself. There were quite a few different varieties of mask with the same price point and targeting different skin concerns, my concern is always dryness and dehydration so I picked the one that catered for that.

With the main ingredients stating they are Coconut Water & Hyaluronan (another word for Hyaluronic Acid) and claiming to be nourishing I went about putting this on my face. Rather than being one of those masks that dries down on the skin it’s more a really thick cream consistency. I did notice it stung a little to begin with but that soon stopped, I thought it was quite a strange feeling for a hydrating mask though.

I took it off after 15mins and noticed my skin was a little more red than usual (it’s always red) the redness did eventually go down after I applied my night cream, but when I felt my skin…wow it felt so soft and hydrated! I thought the feeling would go away once I got out of the shower but nope it actually hung around for a few days. So I kinda love this cheap little mask! I was a bit silly though and ripped the entire packet when I could have gotten at least 2 more applications with it (but for $3 I’ll just go buy another).

I’m keen to try some of the others in the range to see if they are as good.


Scent is such a powerful thing, smelling something can transport you back to another time in your life. For example, if I ever smell Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger it always reminds me of a boyfriend in high school and going on dates to Mama Mia’s in the city… Anyone else from Sydney remember that place? $3 plates of pasta, I was obviously very spoilt (lol). This was his signature scent at the time.

I thought by this time of my life I would have my own signature scent, but I enjoy trying out new fragrances so much and own so many that I don’t think i’ll ever truly have one. Until now… Quite possibly.

On a shopping day with my mama we decided to hit up the fragrance department and go on a bit of a sniff fest (mum and I are both perfume hounds). I decided to give See by Chloe a go on my wrist; fast forward to a few hours later and i’m still sniffing at my wrist to inhale this gorgeous scent. This is when I knew I had to own it!

I am terrible at describing scents so I’ll hand this over to a copy & paste job from Fragrantica.

The composition opens with fresh notes of bergamot, apple blossom and leads to floral heart of jasmine and ylang-ylang. Its base is soft vanilla – musky with additional sandalwood accords. – Source Fragrantica

I absolutely love the scent, it smells like a grown up fruity floral with a slight dash of sweetness & warmth with the sandalwood note. On me it lasts all day and then some, which is a bit of a change from some of my other fragrances. For now this is my go-to scent, I’ll give it a little more time before I declare it well and truly a signature scent.

On a side note, how beautiful is the bottle this one is very dressing table worthy.


I love winter… wearing cozy jumpers and eating comfort food makes me a happy clam. However, the one thing I don’t love about winter is my already dry skin decides to go into sahara mode and become even drier.  Bleeeeuuughhhh!

Antipodes has been on my radar for awhile and when my beloved Priceline decided to start stocking it my initial thought was… EFF YEAH SALES!. When I saw these little trial mini’s it was a no-brainer and they were straight into my pink Priceline basket. There are actually 2 versions of the mini packs I picked up the Antipodes Anti-Ageing Minis because well, I’m getting older and also because I needed a night cream. This set contains mini versions of the Joyous Protein Rich Night Replenishing Serum & Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream.

As you can see I’ve already used these up, they actually lasted me around 2 months which is a pretty good run for trial size products and really gave me a good idea of how they performed on my skin. I really like both of these products they work well on my dry/dehydrated skin. I tend to use the night cream every night and use the serum when my skin needs a bit of an additional boost of moisture. They are also quite heavily scented so if you find you are a bit sensitive to scented skincare maybe steer clear. I actually love the scent of both products, to me they smell expensive (is that even a thing? lol).

I’ve also since bought another set of these that I took away with me on my recent holiday. I’m keen try out some more Antipodes skincare now, do you have any recommendations of anything from the range that you’ve tried? Would love to know what I should pick up next.

As far as I know you can pick up Antipodes products from Priceline & Myer, and I am not sure if this set is exclusive to Priceline.


I’m going to try and do this kind of post more often, a bit of a quick one noting down some initial thoughts on some products that are in my “on trial” basket at home. They may get a more indepth review at a later stage, feature in a favourites or disappointing products (eep!) and hopefully empties!

L’Oreal Paris Skin Perfection BB Cream RRP $24.99AUD – The Skin Perfection range is new to the L’Oreal skincare lineup, featuring magpie inducing pink packaging the range is aimed at those in their 20’s. While i’m not so much in my 20’s anymore I was drawn to the packaging and the images of Blake Lively gracing the stand (she’s gorgeous isn’t she!).

I’ve only given this one shot so far, mainly because I like to use BB creams on the weekend when I’m just hitting up the shops or running the usual domestic errands. The coverage is light (to be expected with a BB cream) and it felt hydrating enough for my skin. I did add a bit of powder to keep things in place and give a tad more coverage. So far this is a good-un but like mentioned before will mostly only be bought out on weekends when i’m doing the no makeup, makeup thing.

Face of Australia High Definition Primer RRP $13.95AUD – My love of the original FOA Face Base Primer has been well documented on my blog and youtube channel. So when this new one hit the shelves and my current tube of primer was nearing the end I thought I’d try it out. I mean HD means I should look flawless right? I’m on the fence about this one and think it needs some more trialling before I come to a decision about it. I will mention if you do try this out remember to shake the tube each time before use, I made that mistake yesterday and it was a runny mess. Also try not to use too much product, I made this mistake on my first use and my foundation balled up and looked very very average. It reminds me a lot of the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer (for reference, I did not get along with this primer at all). If you’re a fan of that this might be up your alley. To be continued…


For ages I have been lusting over the Bath & Body Works candles I constantly hear the US beauty girls talk about in their videos & when I saw Jade post on twitter about a local Australian online store selling Bath & Body Works goodies I couldn’t resist looking it up and putting a bit of an order together. Then my logical side came into play and reminded me that I have 2 very good Circa Home candles that I haven’t finished and I do not need anymore candles (also the fact my mum and I used to own an online candle store and I had an endless supply of candles…bit of a plug here, but were coming back!). So that would be the end of the story. However… I then saw Tina do an unboxing on YouTube and that was it, an order was made. The site i’m referring to is Bath Body & Home.

In my order I decided to get one of each size candle and a body wash (since I was running out of my current one… why not). Price wise these are pretty comparable to buying direct from Bath & Body Works, especially if you factor in the cost of shipping (ouch!). The ordering process was smooth and my order arrived within 2 days of being placed and it was well packed (no breakages, yay!).

I have only started burning Island Margarita, the scent is amazing and the throw is good. It took a little while to get going and i’m not sure if that is because this is only a small candle. The others have only received the sniff test, and even before burning I think I want to buy a large size of Peach Bellini.

The Body Wash in Velvet Sugar is sweetness overload but for me that’s a good thing, the scent lingers on the skin after you get out of the shower and it doesn’t dry my skin out either.

Bit of a comparison – The largest size candle is the 3 wick 14oz and it is priced at $25.95, when you compare this to a Glasshouse candle which comes in at around 12oz and a price tag of $39.95… I know what I would be buying.