This post is a total cop out but basically to say i’m still around and still blogging… I’ve just been mega lazy. Seriously, I have pictures ready to go for posts but can’t be assed writing the words. Does anyone else ever get like this?

So to hopefully kickstart my blogging again I thought i’d post a couple of the videos i’ve put up recently on YouTube.

Battle of the cleansing waters! With the new rage in skincare being cleansing waters, I took 2 that are currently out on the market and put them head to head in a showdown.

Current/February Favourites – I’ve even been slacking on my favourites so did a round up of what has been tickling my fancy for the past few months. Some good new products in here!

Thanks for your patience if you’ve stuck by me on these little hiatus’s… I’m going to try and get back into the swing of things! Which is hard when Eleven is showing old episodes of Beverley Hills 90210 daily (Brenda & Dylan 4 life!).



The Models Prefer Sweet Shadows Palette (RRP $15.00AUD) was on my radar as soon as I first saw it in the Priceline catalogue awhile ago.. After many weeks of stalking any Priceline I came across and having no luck finding it anywhere, I decided to buy it online.

Kudos Priceline! Your online store is awesome, with a fast turnaround you better believe I’ll be hitting it up next time there is a 40% off makeup sale!

You may think wow that palette looks familiar… well yep it’s definitely “inspired” by the Too Faced Bon Bons Palette from a few years back. I never picked that one up so I can’t do a comparison for you, Sorry!. The palette contains 12 neutral toned shadows, a double ended volumising mascara & brow gel and a eyeshadow primer.

The shadows in this palette are okay… not fantastic. Some are quite pigmented and lovely to work with, however some don’t even show up (sweetened, innocent & adorable i’m looking at you!). I swatched these using the Eyeshadow Primer that comes in the box, I’m not a huge fan of this primer and much prefer my Urban Decay Primer Potion and don’t think I’ll bother using this one again.

I did a look using the shadows which I filmed for YouTube, the video also includes a giveaway!. If you would like the chance to win this palette you will need to watch my video below (best to open it in YouTube so you get all the conditions of entry etc).



It’s favourites time again! Last month I was pretty much still obsessed with the stuff I talked about in my September favourites. So to spice it up a little I added in some fashion, music & a tv show. I might try and do this more often when i’m lacking in the product department (that’s a rare occurance).

Can you believe I only have 2 more favourites to do this year? I’m quite proud that I stuck it out and managed to put out a favourites every month this year, it was a goal and so far i’ve achieved it! Yay!

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Oh July, you went by way too quickly. I didn’t use a whole lot of new and noteworthy things the past month. However, if you’d like to have a little peek at what I did enjoy through the month of July, watch my video above (also like, subscribe etc just the usual admin)

I must say, August is shaping up to be a far more superior month for favourites! I’m looking forward to sharing!


Here is my latest YouTube offering, all 16+ mins of it.. Yep I advise you to grab a cuppa and a cookie before you sit down for this ramble fest. My usual disclaimer for my videos applies, all snorting/snoring/grunting is thanks to my adorable pooches, one of which is sitting on my lap during the video.

Cheers thanks a lot!