So I just looked when the last time I did one of these round up posts was…2 freakin years ago!

I’m planning on bringing these back, I personally love reading these type of posts from people to find out what they get about to in their day to day and see what’s going on with them.


  • Slow Sundays, red wine and a bit of Netflix is how I enjoy winding down.
  • On Wednesday I usually go to trivia but because of the State of Origin it was cancelled, so Ange and I did something we’ve been meaning to do forever, film videos together! We got 2 done with a plan to get some more out there. Our videos should both be out this week hopefully 🙂
  • My parents Beagle, I took my dogs up for a play with him and we took him and Penny Lane out to a local market, both of them were exhausted in the car on the way home.
  • Minnie stealing the new toy mum bought for Penny Lane, she looks like a wino lol.
  • Thanks to Ange, I picked this amazing PJ top up from Kmart for $6. ALL THE SLOTH THINGS PLEASE.
  • I started training again today, we are doing little group sessions at my friends place with a group of us and doing Kettlebells (my favourite type of exercise). Doing this 3 x a week will hopefully whip me into shape again. 6 hours have passed since we finished and I’M SORE.
  • I found these little smoothie cups from Aldi, you get 2 in a pack and they come in a couple of different varieties of vegies & fruits. You just add water, blend and you’re good to go. They were $3.99 for 2 which isn’t too bad and good when you are in a pinch.
  • Slow cook Sunday, I’m making my hearty winter soup. Recipe on it’s way 🙂

On The Blog

A bit of a slow week on the blog this past week, in that I posted nothing… Really sticking to my July Goals there.

I did post a YouTube video though which I haven’t linked back here yet, it was an empties video. One of my favourites to do… Yes to throwing shit out!

Blog Posts I’ve Loved This Week

What has your week been like? Let me know below 🙂



Something new i’m going to add to the blog monthly are my goals for the month, what I would like to achieve and then a round up the following month to see if I achieved them. I’ve seen these posts on a lot of blogs I read and they are one of my favorite posts to read so I am hopping on the bandwagon.

I’m going to put my goals in the same 3 categories each month, these have been picked because my main goal is to grow my blog and learn more. I’ve been blogging for so many years and have been really stagnant in my growth. I’ve been reading a lot of inspiring blogs and listening to podcasts about blogging and they’ve really made me want to kick my own ass into gear. I’m implementing changes and have so far noticed a small difference, I also want to share my findings with everyone at some point when I try different strategies.



  • Get our passports in order – Shane and I are off on our proper honeymoon at the end of the year to the US of A and really need to get these done. July it will happen,
  • Organize my utensil drawers in my kitchen and get rid of things I have multiple of and don’t need.
  • Less takeaway, I was doing really well with this at the start of June but then work got busy (no excuse I know) and last week I pretty much got takeaway every night… eek! Back to the supermarket this weekend and planning out meals!


  • This post on The Nectar Collective really got me wanting to play around with photoshop and learn a bit more about photo editing. These couple of tips are going to be my starting point.


  • Consistency is key! This is what i’ve noticed and I need to keep it up, even if I sit down on a Sunday night and write out 3 posts to go up during the week. I need to get this happening.
  • Kind of related to above but I want to make sure I upload 1 YouTube video per week. I was initially aiming for Sunday nights but I generally film on a Sunday so it might not always happen so either Sunday or Monday I plan to have a video out each week.
  • More lifestyle posts, I claim in my title that this is a beauty and lifestyle blog but I’ve really let the lifestyle part of it down. Further to this I want to get at least 1 recipe post up this month, maybe 2…

That rounds out my goals for the month, I’ll be back in August to go back over these goals and let you know what I achieved, what I’m working on and what my next lot of goals are.

I’ll leave you with my life motto…. GET SHIT DONE!


I own countless neutral eyeshadow palettes and honestly did not need to add anymore to my collection, however when I saw these posted on Instagram I suddenly became obsessed with trying to track them down and buy them. Instagram can be an evil enabler at times.

I’d never tried any of the Chi Chi Glamorous Eye Palettes and I’ve seen some great reviews on them. They have a bunch of different types ranging from brights to neutrals and in between so there is really something for everyone. I’ve always found myself at Target swatching them but never actually buying one (or two) until now.

The palettes do live up to the hype, the majority of the shades are super pigmented, easy to blend and wear really well (with an eyeshadow primer, I haven’t tried them without one because eyeshadow primer is my security blanket). There are a few shades that are duds but for $22.95AUD a piece for 12 shades you can’t expect them all to be winners.

Also, in all honesty you don’t really need both of these palettes as I think some of the shades are doubled up. I think this is throughout the Chi Chi range as well so if you already own some of their palettes just compare and make sure you don’t already have the majority of the shades.

I clearly need spell check on my graphics editing products as well… Oops!

Chi Chi Glamorous Eyes Palette - Mochas

Chi Chi Glamorous Eyes Palette in Mochas feature a mix of finishes from matte to shimmery, the shades lean more towards the warm side with a few almost burgandy shades. I got this because those colours tend to look great on blue eyes. So fellow blue eyed folk  this is the one you want to look at. My main gripe with this palette is that there isn’t a mid toned shimmery brown shade they are either highlight shades or quite dark shades which makes it hard to pick a good daytime colour (unless you go for the matte shades). The 6th colour along (the rusty shade) is definitely my favourite and I have been wearing that a lot at night over the lid with a medium matte brown blended into the crease.

Chi Chi Glamorous Eyes Palette - Mattes 2

Chi Chi Glamorous Eyes Palette in Mattes 2 as the name suggests this is the 2nd offering of a matte palette by Chi Chi. I have seen and swatched the first but it just didn’t pull me in like this one has. As you can see one side features 6 warm toned neutral matte shades and the other features 6 cool toned neutral matte shades. HALLELUJAH! I have been after something like this for ages, and have contemplated buying both Naked Basics to get the same thing. This is the perfect palette to compliment other shadows as well, particularly if you are looking for a transition shade from a shimmery shadow. I have gotten a lot of use already out of this palette and it’s fast becoming my daytime go-to palette. I’ve found all the shades that i’ve used so far easy to blend. Some of them look a bit patchy in my swatches about but with a brush they blend out nicely.

I highly recommend this palette to everyone… seriously.

As mentioned above these palettes retail for $22.95AUD and you can purchase them from Target or Myer. Don’t be like me though and pay full price, wait for a sale.



I recently picked up the L’Oreal Infallible 24 Hour Matte Foundation (named the L’Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Foundation in other countries).

This wasn’t due for release in Australia until July but Target were a little sneaky and had stock out. I’d seen great reviews on YouTube about this foundation and even though it’s not targeted at my skin type thought I might give it a try. The foundation retails in Australia for $29.95 and you get 35ml of product for that (pretty good considering most foundations are only 30ml).

See my video below to see what I thought about the foundation –


Australis Nail Colour Friend Like MeI haven’t bought myself a nail polish in ages! I did a huge cull last year and then kind of got over buying all the new shades that came out. The other day Big W had a bit of a sale on Australis goodies and this nail polish shade just stood out to me. The shade is called Friend Like Me (awwwww!).

I thought it was part of a new collection but apparently it’s just one of their regular range, I actually showed my friend Ange and she said she had it and I had even commented on her nails awhile ago when she was wearing it. I call that subconscious purchasing.

The colour is stunning, a gorgeous pastel blue that has a hint of brightness to it.

Let’s talk application, wear and all the technical details you generally want in a nail polish review. Application was pretty good, this is a definite 2 coater though, one just doesn’t cut it. Wear for me has been good I applied this Sunday and today is Friday and it’s still on my nails, I have got a little bit of tip wear on my other hand but I think that is due to me being impatient and not waiting for my nails to fully dry before I went about my day. FYI – I use the Orly Bonder Base Coat & Seche Vite top coat for all of my nail polish applications.

I’m keen to check out the Autumn collection that Australis has recently released, it looks like there are some pretty colours in there. Uh oh… the nail polish obsession could be coming back.